Monday, January 5, 2009

I may Ramble Just a Bit-Just Bear With me

I am in a day-dreamy kind of mood, so my rambles may not make a lot of sense today but please hang in there it is bound to get better- I promise. I started the undecorating process this weekend. I love decorating for the holidays but really hate the opposing process. Where do I put all of my decorations, what was in that place before and oh yuk, I think I need new stuff. The one bright spot in dismantling my house was the rearrangement of my office. It is decluttered and much more functional. Will this lead to a more productive me? One can only hope!

Now back to the day dreaming. I am dreaming of warm sun and sand and yep you guessed it the gulf of Mexico is calling my name. I made reservations for an awesome place on Captiva island. It is a very chic looking cottage on Laika Lane, just a two minute walk to the beach. It looks so perfect- they may have to take me out kicking and screaming. April can't get here soon enough!

In the mean time I have so many things to accomplish. Not only do I need to firm up my writing but my body needs a complete tune-up. The thought of me on a beach in a swim suit makes me gag. It will be done. My motivation is the ugly snow and ice outside my window. Winter be-gone and springtime commence. There is so much more that I could share but I will spare you the time. If I ramble on too much longer nothing will get done. The girl and the mission are still alive and kicking so let me at it.


  1. Lovely daydreaming thoughts and good luck with the bathing suit process!

  2. How lucky you will be going to a nice place in April! Good luck with accomplishing all you want to do before then.

  3. This is best image of the world. It seems edited photograph but it is not. I am fully agree with which you shared here. My description also same as your words for this image.

  4. Your story and all of the pictures also are good. What a wonderful treasure and link to your heritage. I found your blog through picture collection. I'm your newest follower of your blog.


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