Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Small Joys

The sky is grey and the clouds are swirling over head trying to come to some sort of agreement over the weather. But I don't care about the weather. It won't get me down. today I am thankful for some of the little things in my life.

This is a necklace I have made from my small treasures of the sea. I love the tiny little shells and fossils that I have slipped into my pocket while walking the beach. I haven't decided whether to keep this one or list it on Etsy. It is near and dear to my heart but I really don't need another necklace. Or do I?

I am thankful for my flower garden and the tasty herbs that Mr. Gnome is guarding. he does a wonderful job on his post except for keeping the deer at bay. He must have fallen asleep on the job a time or two.

Most of all, yep you got it, I am thankful for my little princess even though at 8 months she has developed quite a tude. An attitude is easy to get away with when you you are just so doggone cute. Today there is a major Tude Alert. I will have to be on my toes. Maybe her new nickname should be Tudy ;)

Hope you take the time to treasure the small joys in your life today.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday Scribblings; Solace

Today's post is my second contribution to Sunday Scribbligs. Take the link and to find out where other bloggers find their Solace.

If my solace was a place, it would be where I could sink my feet in the sand, feel the wind in my hair, and taste the salty sea on my lips. But I think solace should be a place from within. A place where I am free to be me.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like if I did whatever I felt like doing; no matter what others might think. The freedom to say what is really on my mind. The right to wear whatever feels good. The luxury of not doing anything at all if that is what I choose. But instead I must plaster a Mcdonalds smile on my face and say, "have a nice day," to the people that I would least like to see have a nice day. I must dress for success and always be age appropriate. Every day I drag myself out of bed to get ready for a job that I hate and does not really reflect who I am inside. I kiss up to the boss in hopes of a fat raise or an early promotion. I pretend to be interested when my friends tell me how great that little Bobby is for the twelfth time this week. I come home every day only to put in another full days work by making dinner, spiffing up the house, running the kids to soccer, helping them with their homework and then reading them a lovely story before bed.
What would happen if I suddenly became true to myself?
What if I did what I was truly meant to do?
No more wondering if my neighbor really likes my dog or my girlfriend loves the way that I dress. No worries about whether my husband finds me funny or my guests love my decorating sense.
I would speak my mind at all times.
What if we all had this luxury?
What would the world be like?

Could we handle such candor?
Do you know your true self?
Do you have an inner muse?
Who is she? Can she speak for herself/or for you?
Would our world suddenly become an unbearable place?

If everyone ate what they wanted and said what they thought.
We might end up a bunch of extra, extra large bullies with bed hair, wrinkled clothing and really bad breath.
Or maybe the world would turn as it should without stress, envy, greed and pompous act. Maybe we would cut down on the rate of disease or self inflicted ailments.
I wonder could we live in this kind of place?

If we did, who would we be?
Who would you be?
What is the first thing that you would do or change about your life?
Take a moment and let me know what you think without the sugar coating or pompous act please; just the real you.

Can you do it?

Thank you for joining me today. Please leave a message.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Saturday gets a Little Fishy

Love Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by the wonderful and lovely Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.
Stop by her beautiful blog home and take a tour of the other posts in the Pink today.

I took at look at my feet today and boy do I need a pedicure. These poor dogs of mine are rough with peeling pink polish and oops I think a little lint between the toes. I may have said too much! Now that I let you all in on that little secret; how about pulling out the secret weapon to clean up my poor ugly feet.

Yep, you guessed it a little fishy pedicure. I'm game, are you? It looks a bit tickely but I guess these little flesh eating gurus really do the job. They are called Doctor Fish. This practice started in Turkey and has spread to many Asian countries. Lucky for us it has now come to the U.S.
I am afraid that they just might get full after only one of my feet. Yes, they are that bad! I am a barefoot in the garden kind of girl. Dirty gardens and pretty feet don't mix.
Check out the video of these little guys in action on MSNBC
Who wouldn't enjoy a little tickle between the toes?

Have a Pink kind of Day.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daily Observations

thank you flickr msoteris

Every morning while making the drive through the city to pick up the princess, I pass a pawn shop not yet open for business. It is a large well kept building that I have never entered. I had never given much thought to this business or any other pawn shop before now. But I can't help but wonder the stories that this place could tell. The parking lot is almost empty except for one or two customers standing along the side of the building or in front of the door. There have been many times that I have noticed the look of desperation and despair in their faces. I have to wonder if this is a way or life for them. Are they trying to pay for their next meal or support their life of crime. Why do they stand and wait for the doors to open? Are they hungry and need to make a pawn to pay for breakfast or is it the itch of a vice needing to be scratched? What ever the reason it does raise my curiosity.

Not long ago I passed the liqueur store just two doors down from this place and saw a woman close to my age retreating from the store with a brown bag in hand. She was in such a hurry to make it across the street that she walked out in front of my car. I don't think noticed or cared that she could have been mowed down if I hadn't been paying attention. She looked like she could have been any one's mother or wife. She was typical like me or you except for that look of desperation to make it to a safe haven where she could enjoy the contents of the paper bag that was so tightly clenched between her fingers.

Do you ever watch and wonder what makes one fall into the depths of despair and others rise to the top or at least tread the waters? It is both interesting and sad to observe the human condition and wonder.

I wanted to share what was on my mind with you today. maybe you have a similar story to tell.

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Taste of Summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year. The earth is warm, the birds are singing, my garden is growing, and the aroma of hot off the grill is every where. There isn't much about summer that I don't like and my likes far out way my dislikes. This salmon dish above looks fabulous!

There is nothing better than sand between your toes and the sound of the surf in your ear. I enjoy the sun on my back and the wash at my feet. This picture is a mini vacation for my mind. Go ahead journey through your mind; its free!

Now I would bet that this is the taste of summer that most of you are thinking about. What a perfect treat; a little chocolate, a little strawberry, a waffle cone, and a handful of berries to finish it off. Beautiful eye candy for the palate. Yum!

A little shot of my grand-princess enjoying her baby pool on the 4th of July. Notice she is appropriately dressed in a red, white, and blue bikini. What else would a princess wear on Independence Day?

Love, Love these little Lillys in my garden. They open in the morning light and then close back up at dusk. The petals are so interesting with lines and spots in colors that work so well together. So delicate, but yet they present such a grand splash of color. Perfect!

I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite summer sights; rambling rose vines that cling to a fence with a mind of there own. I came across this sight in front of a house that was a complete disaster with junk thrown about every where. These climbing roses need no help, they take hold and flourish despite their surroundings.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings; Ghosts

I am participating in Sunday Scibblings this week.
Below is my first contribution to this weekly challenge.

She runs through the wooded lot like a horse in the wind. Her pale skin reflects the moonlight with a glow of blond hair flowing freely behind. All is quiet; no snap of sticks, no rustle of leaves. She never makes a sound. Little Elisabeth moves through the night air until she reaches her resting place. So soft is her touch to the cold stone. Her image thins and the air thickens as her misty molecules transcend into the ground. All that is left is the cold worn out stone that reads;

Elisabeth Grant
Our little lamb

I have joined Sunday Scribblings this week. Our assignment;ghosts. The above essay is a piece of a fictional story that I am writing. Visit Sunday Scribblings and take the links to read some very inspiring essays. Enjoy!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pink Saturday; Mr. Knome

Welcome to Pink Saturday. If you love Pink and I know you do, pop over to see our lovely hostess Beverly for a tour of blogs in the Pink today.

I would like to introduce you to my garden helper and friend, Mr. Gnome. He loves to tend the flowers and herbs in my garden and his favorite color is, you got it, PINK!

Thank you flickr friends; lovely door

Here is his tiny pink door; hidden in my pink rose garden. He sneaks off, when no one is looking, (well, almost no one)through the pretty pink petals every night to his happy little pink house.

Thank you flickr friends; what a doll house

Here is his tiny pink room of his tiny pink house. So neat and tidy and oh so pink. He must have help with his household chores; don't you think?

Ahhh, there she is, his lovely room mate. Meet Melrose, Mr. Gnome's fairy friend. She loves pink too. Isn't she sweet in her little pink dress with fairy crown and fairy wand; sitting on a lovely pink wreath. I wonder where she shops?

Well, at StudioPink of course! Where did you think such a lovely fairy would shop for all of her pretty pink things?

Have a wonderfully PINK Saturday. Come back and visit me anytime. Leave a message if you have a moment.

Think Pink!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flea Market in the Zen Garden

Take a deep breath; slip on your flip flops and your wide brimmed hat. We are headed to the flea markets for a little shopping zen. Pop over here to visit all the markets set up today. Miss Polly is our lovely hostess.

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm there; well in my mind anyway.

Doesn't look much like shopping but it should get you in the mood for my newby's at studiopink

"zen gardening by the sea" and my "zen garden kit."

I love to create seascapes of all kinds, but these zen gardens are so special. This piece starts with a Japanese dish and is filled with wonderful fossils from the sea. I included a little vial of beach sand to add after shipping.

The fossilized tree makes the perfect topper to this garden. To sea more pics and a detailed description visit StudioPink. You can purchase this piece there for $14.00

The dish is filled with wonderful treasures that I have collected along the gulf of Mexico. Including antique pottery shards and starfish. $14.00 at Studiopink

Now we are on to the do-it-yourself gardening part of our market.

After enjoying my lovely dip in the water and a stroll on the beach I returned with a pocket full of treasures. Fossilized trees, shells, coral and pottery shards.

Just perfect for a little project. I have put together kits for you to be the creator of your own seascape or zen garden by the sea. So perfect for a meditational moment and beautiful summer display.

The kit includes shells, fossils, and sand that I have collected on my sea side excursions. I included a vintage jar/bottle with lid.
My sea side kits and creations can be found at StudioPink for $12.00

This is an example of what you may end up with. They are stunning in the wavy morning light. You may even hear the surf and smell the salty air as you create your beautiful garden by the sea.

Thank to my flickr friend for this wonderful image

Thought I would leave you with this inspiring image. I hope your weekend is filled with beauty and zenful peace.

Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a message.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

A beautiful Day; gifts in the mail and awards for my blog

I wish you all a beautiful day filled with light that glows like magic and a gentle breeze to kiss your face. My mind is at the beach but my heart is here with you.

*Be sure to pick up your crumb at the end of this post*

Look at the beautiful artwork that was hiding in my mailbox. They are ATC's from the very talented multi media artist Suze Perrott of PinkCrayonStudio. Her work is so rich with color in softly painted hues. Love it. Stop by and pay her a visit.

What a lucky girl I am today. Two very sweet and talented artists awarded me a weblog award. I am so honored and grateful.

Thank you Heidi Ann of FoxglovesFabricAndFolly
(love your blog and wonderful stories)

and Chriss of TheArtistTradingClub (love your beautiful artwork and ideas) .

Stop by their beautiful blogs and visit these very special ladies.

Now I get to pass on this wonderful award to 8 very deserving ladies. Are you ready? Drum roll please...

Suze of PinkCrayonStudio Very talented artist and wonderful blog

Gina of InHerShoes Inspiring lady with a beautiful new blog of hope and faith

Jeannene of InHerShoes and LoveConqueresAll Beautiful lady of faith with a lot to share

Nita from RedTinHeart Inspiring writer with a heart of gold

Karen from A-Scrapbook-Of-Inspiration Very talented lady with a beautiful blog

Diane of A-Picture'sWorthA-ThousandWords Beautiful lady with a wonderful blog

Marina of OnlyCuteThings Sweet lady and beautiful painter

Kathy of JustBeingCrafty Lovely lady and wonderful dolly dress maker

Congrats, you girls deserve it!
Love you all!
Enjoy :)

And here are the rules ladies.....*Put the logo on your blog...*Add a link to the person who awarded you* Nominate at least 7 other blogs* Add links to those blogs on yours* Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

*Let me leave you with this crumb of the day...*

Lay a path of solid foundation so that others may follow,
leave crumbs of wisdom and words to encourage,
follow your bliss through beautiful gardens,
don't be afraid to take a different path if the one you are on
becomes twisted or filled with sorrow.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sole Sisters are Good for the Soul

Photo credit to flickr cul9

I am calling out to all of my soul sister bloggers out there. Do you find yourself looking for support or searching for answers to your questions? Do you blog because you find solace and acceptance in your sister bloggers?

Well, you are not alone. So many of us in blog land have found what we need; a captive audience, lasting friendships or maybe just a listening ear, from our blogs or those of our fellow bloggers.

I have met so many wonderful people with kind hearts and beautiful souls. I would like to introduce you to a couple of my wonderful Sole (soul) sisters and friends. These beautiful ladies have devoted themselves and an entire blog to inspire and encourage all of you. They are women of deep faith and commitment and their wonderful sight reflects this.

photo credit to flickr cul9

Take a moment and visit Jeannene and Gina at their new inspirational home; InHerShoes . Some of you may already be familiar with Jeannene from her original beautiful blog LoveConquersAll and maybe you have visited her at InHerShoes .

For those of you who have not, take a moment to stop by for a chat or just to be uplifted by their faith, I think you will be glad you did.

Here is a quote off their original post for In her Shoes;

What woman doesn’t love shoes? My closet is full of shoes, different styles and colors. I love shoes! I saw a pillow once that quoted Cinderella saying “The right shoe can change your life.” I believe in God’s economy, this is true……wearing the right shoes can change your life. The question is, what shoes are you wearing?

It makes my heart sing when people follow their bliss and pursue their passions. Bless you girls for sharing your passion and faithful spirit with all of us.

Have a wonderful week ahead. I feel blessed to have all of you as my blogging friends.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink Saturday; Everything a Girl Needs

Get in the PINK!

Let's say today was a special day, like Pink Saturday. What would you need to be decked out and delivered in perfect style?

Thank you to my flickr friends for these great pics

Let's start with some really cool pink hair, and of course you will need these awesomely pink Wellie boots, don't forget the beautiful pink Gerbera Daisy for our hostess Beverly, and a cute pink car to take you to the party.

I think that will about do it. Now go visit the award winning beautiful Beverly at HowSweetTheSound for a pink overload.

I Hope your weekend is Pink and Perfect.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Flea Market by the Sea

What could be better than going to a flea market on a beautiful summer's day?

Thank you to my flickr friend Photog63

How about a flea market by the sea. Yes, I think today we shall set up our wares on this beautiful stretch of sand. We shall shop to the sounds of the waves crashing in and the terns calling over head.

Our lovely hostess Polly, says shop til you drop and stop by the market to catch up with the other fleas.

I will walk by the sea and dream of mermaids splashing about. I have captured these dreams on a canvas of Mermaid Tails. This 16 by 20 canvas is boldly splashed with color, shells and ephemera. It is available in the Studio for $15.00

This fair maiden is longing for the chance to grow a tail and live under the sea. This gypsy girl would even give up her fancy belt for a chance to become a lovely mermaid.

Here is Muriel queen of the mermaid clan. Isn't she lovely with her golden brown locks and shiny crown.

This little mermaid on the half shell looks suburb as a dream catcher. She is hiding from the queen Muriel at the bottom of the sea. My personal favorite can be picked up for $13.00 in the Studio.

Here she is hanging around the wine bottles. Her 5"shell is filled with beads, shells and sea tree. A little piece of sea glass dangles below. Beachy dreams to you!

Oh, how I love the sea. Nothing could bring the beauty of the ocean, to my decor, more than this lovely little seascape. I would swear it was something straight out of the Horchow catalog if I hadn't made it myself.

Update this item was featured by the Etsy staff in Etsy finds and just sold.

I will try to pick up more vintage saucers and mini cloches to make more.

For other seascapes and fabulous ocean finds go to the Studio.
I will take special orders.
All you have to do is ask.

Visit me at StudioPink

Thank you for shopping my beach side market.

Leave your footprints (comments) in the sand.