Friday, June 27, 2008

Mad Tea Party and Pink Saturday

Welcome to my Mad Tea Party. Our hostess for today is the lovely and talented Miss Vanessa from AFancifulTwist .
Take the link to A Fanciful Twist and visit the fabulous Tea parties from all over blogland.
Congrats Vanessa on your 200th post! Thank you for hosting

In honor of Pink Saturday I have made everything Pink. Well almost eveything. To visit other Pink Saturday posts go see Beverly from HowSweetTheSound.
Thank you beverly

I have a little cafe' table all set for you with yummy pinks and greens. We will have Delicious cakes and sweet tea.

The Mad Hatter will be joining us today and she is mad about you, simply mad. Come on in and join us because things are getting curiouser and curiouser.

I hope you brought your party hat.
Or perhaps you can borrow this one.
It is available because
the mad Hatter is sporting a new hat.

Here is the key to a secret garden that is filled with wonderful tea and treats. I have set a place at a table in the garden just for you.

Step through the magic door and you will find the enchanted garden. Hurry and Take a seat there are a few special guests that are waiting there for you.

Here is our colorful table in the enchanted garden.
The pink chair is just for you.
Pass the tea, please.

Alice will be joining us. I have crowned her as the tea party princess. Looks like Alice and the Queen of Hearts have been shopping at StudioPink again. Poor Alice is still looking for the white rabbit.

Be very careful because her Imperial Highness, the Queen of Hearts, has just arrived. You know when she is around sometimes heads will roll. She is feeling quite magestic in her crown from StudioPink
Of course this queen of hearts is far too sweet for that.

I think we found the white rabbit at his very own special table.
It looks like either Twiddle Dee or Tweedle Dum has joined him. Be cautious of the magic mushrooms.

Here is Alice telling her friends that if she had a world of her own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be as it is because everything would be what it wasn't.

I wouldn't! You remember what happened to Alice

Here are some special cups for you to choose from.
You can never have enough china,
you know .

Perhaps you would prefer this one?

Be sure to get a yummy pink cupcake before you leave. Chocolate, chocolate, with pink frosting and happy stars.

The Mad Hatter would like to wish a very Merry Unbirthday to you.

Thank you all for sharing this Alice in Wonderland kind of day with me.


Friday Flea Market

Happy Friday and welcome to my flea market. To shop the other markets today go to FridayFleaMarket Our beautiful hostess is Polly from CountingYourBlessings
Now lets shop...

Today I am featuring only one item. "Smelly Cat" This little guy must be featured alone. I am sure you understand why. He is a whimsical original painting by my lovely daughter and mother to the Grand Princess.

Smelly Cat was painted on a 16 by 20 canvas. He is spritzed with a little Polo Cologne, you may wonder if there is a mysterious man lurking about. I love the deep rich colors and quirky little wire whiskers.
For a more in depth description and additional pictures or to purchase this funky cat go to StudioPink.

Thank you for shopping with me today.

Stop back tomorrow for a fabulous tea party.

It is going to be mad!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dream Vacation

It is always so exciting to venture off on a trip, let alone a beautiful dream vacation. I am so glad you are traveling with me on a fabulous summer sojourn.
Our travel agents for this trip are the lovely Holly from MommyHolly and
Heidi from Foxglove,Fabric&Folly
Take the links to their traveling agency and you will be transported all over the world.

But first...

I sure hope that you are packed and ready to go. We will be headed for several destinations today. I hope you packed your sun screen and sun glasses for our first stop.

The perfect spot to get relaxed and start our vacation is by the sea. This painting is so inspirational to me. I wanna be in this painting lounging in that chair gazing off to the ocean.

This is our little beach bungalow for the night. Isn't she a gem. Let's call her Ruby Moon Cottage and we can just chill on the porch with a cool drink. Just gorgeous and what a view.

Ruby Moon is just as quaint on the inside as she is on the outside. Light and airy with just the right pop of color. This is where we will share our daily catch of lobster. Let's throw in a big salad, glass of white wine and a sumptuous strawberry pie. Is your mouth watering yet?

Then we will retire to the bedrooms for the evening with the salty breeze from the ocean flowing through the open window. This is truly one of my favorite things about summer. Open window, summer breeze and the curtains blowing across the floor. It makes you feel as though the room is alive and breathing right along with you.

Come morning we can take a stroll out to the potting shed and into the cottage garden to drink our first cup of joe. I can smell the blossoms mingling with the salty air and taste the coffee, made just the way I like it.

After breakfast lets head down to the beach and collect a few mementos of our trip. This big conch will do just fine. Maybe we can take a dip before we head to our next destination.

Take a deep breath this flight will be a long one. Don't worry our little Tuscan Villa will make the trip all worth while. She looks so majestic standing on the ridge of a beautiful vineyard. In the evening we can take a stroll down the stone path to the village for dinner out.

Of course we can't miss a chance to visit the French Riviera. Our view is from this hillside over looking the ocean, beautiful. The sun so bright and the water so blue.

This is our lovely bedroom for the night. The bed looks so dreamy. Satin sheets and a gorgeous sunset. Don't forget about the fragrant ocean breezes and the sound of the surf while you sleep. What could be better than this?

The next morning we will paddle our canoe to The Bay of Fundy in Canada. Now I know this can't be done but remember this is a dream vacation, so anything is possible ;)

Here is a map to give you a better idea of where we are headed. I have actually been here and it is an unbelievable place to visit. If you are inspired or in awe by the powers of the sea then you need to go. It will amaze you.

This is Hope Well Rocks in New Bruinswick. The bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world. Here we are walking on the ocean floor during low tide. During high tide the water level comes up to the tree line at the top of these rocks. It is absolutely incredible, don't you think? Go ahead take a walk around just remember that when the big clock chimes the tide is coming in.

It is fascinating to see and touch the underside of these weathered fishing boats when the tide is out. The lives of the people in the villages around the bay are very much entwined with the sea. Almost every person makes their living from it. They live at her mercy. It is really quite beautiful to see.

Lets take a boat ride 25 miles out into the sea to Seal Machais Island to watch the puffins. There is a bird rookery on the island along with a lighthouse. You can watch them feed their young and hop busily in and out of the rocks along the water. The funniest thing about our trip to this island was getting out of the boat and walking to our viewing spot while carrying a big stick to keep from getting attacked by birds. Maybe this is where Alfred Hitchcock got his idea for the movie.

I think we should end this trip lounging on the beach while watching for pirate ships. Take your time you can stay here as long as you like.

Don't forget to sign the travel log.
I am so glad that we took this dream vacation together.
I couldn't have picked a nicer group to share my dreams with.


You are so Sweet Award

I am so greatful for the wonderful friends I have met here in blog land. Today I would like to give out a
"You are so sweet award" to my friend Karen from
ColoursForYou and CiderAntiques

Karen went out of her way to help me with my blog background. It was a boring brown and now it is a fabulous pink.

Don't you just love it?

I really appreciate all the time she took with me.

Karen you are a Sweet Heart and you deserve this award.

I chose a picture of my little angel because nothing could be sweeter than that.

Visit Karen at the two links above. She has beautiful free wallpaper backgrounds and instructions on how to add them to your blog.

You will also find a link to CountingYourBlessings and her fabulous free blog banners. Polly is a sweet heart too. There is nothing better than free except for the wonderful guidance of a blog friend when you are not a computer geek.

Thank you so much Karen. I love being in the Pink!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Garden Party and Pink Saturday

Welcome to my Garden Party and
Pink Saturday.
Our wonderful hostess for the party in the garden is Cielo
from The House in Roses.
Visit her beautiful blog to link up with all of the gorgeous gardens.
To check out the blogs in the pink today go see the beautiful Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

This was my beautiful rose before the little woodland animals helped themselves to the delicious little treats of my garden. I took this shot right after a rain storm. My roses were gorgeous and their fragrance was spicy sweet.

I hope you will take a moment to smell the flowers as you wander through the beautiful gardens today. Love this little gnome. I found he and his brother years ago in a little antique store. Don't you just love his chippy paint.

Here is another shot of my beautiful roses before the feast. The whole bush was massacred just a few hours after this shot.

For Pink Saturday I would like to use the beautiful new wallpaper that Karen from Cider Antiques helped me with. Click on her name and it will take you to a her "Colours for You" sight.
She is such a sweet heart.
Thank you so much Karen.
I love it!

This is my beautiful urn just spilling over with color. The cherub was part of a fountain at one time but now he is the crown of my garden. In the fall his bowl holds bird seed for my feathered friends.

Just a little close up of the pale pink blooms cascading down the urn. I love the faded look of the petals. In the sunlight they are almost transparent.

A few yummys on the vine. Still green but soon they will be red and juicy sweet. Yum! I just have to make sure that I get them before the deer or coons. I swear they just wait outside the fence for flowers to bloom and fruit to ripen. Then a nightly feast takes place and by morning we are cleaned out.

This is a semi dry river bed. I say semi because during heavy rains or a spring thaw it sometimes flows just like a permanent stream. We needed to come up with something because at times the water would wash out the lawn. Most of the year it remains dry. We tried to keep it as natural looking as possible to fit in with all of the nature around us. Woods to the east, meadow and pond to the north.

One of my miniature rose bushes just starting to bud out.
Nature really does put the art in living doesn't it? Pink roses and peonies and white lilies are my fav flowers. Pink flowers are sweet and white flowers are just elegant.

Clementas are such a wonderful vine and this purple is just gorgeous. I love the ruffly edges and vanilla center.

A side view of this beautiful vine in the morning light. The buds are so fuzzy and soft. Then they open into the beautiful flower above.

My little angel bird bath. This gorgeous angel sits on the edge of a giant clam shell. Love her innocence.

As you can tell I love garden statues. This angels peeks out from behind the tall grasses.

These day lilies are so bright and happy. The only lilies in the garden that the deer don't eat.

Everybody needs a pair of colorful garden shoes. Not the right size but I had to buy them. They were just too cute! I keep them on my porch. They bring a smile to my face when ever I pass by.

Well here is the little darling that ate my roses. I was calling it Deer Boy. I was sure it was a boy by the way it had no appreciation for the beauty of my garden. But I saw her today with the tiniest babe following close behind. I guess I can forgive her maybe it was a pregnant craving.
I now call her Rose. I guess the fawn should be Rosebud.

Thank you for spending time in my garden.

Come back anytime.