Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swashbuckler Soiree

Arrr Matey, It's time for the Swashbuckler Soiree.
Hop on board the Annalea and set sail.
It is going to be a night to remember.
We have a few special quests awaiting your arrival
check back tomorrow for more pics of the Annalea and more
on my show and tell sunday road trip

Come on in the table is set wine flowing or rum whatever your pirates pleasure be. Set back and feast on this pirate cruise.
Don't forget your party hat.
I would like to thank Donna O'Brien from The Ribboned Crown for throwing this wonderful Soiree in honor of her 100th post. Congrats! Check out her beautiful sight and the links to all of the other Swashbuckler Soiree goings on.

This pic was taken on my latest beach trip.
I just know that Pirate Johnny is on that ship!

Owed to a Pirate

I found a treasure along the beach,
it was just out of my reach,
floating on the waters, so blue,
the more I looked my curiosities grew,
what was that yonder, still afloat,
I think I spied a pirate boat,
filled with treasure this I know,
begs the question friend or foe,
yes, I found a treasure in the sand,
and I held it tightly in my hand,
I know you want to take a peek,
at this lovely treasure that I seek.
-Mya Anthony

My two lovelies have joined me for the Soiree. These little beauties will be wearing their favorite mermaid crowns from Studio Pink for this party. Yes, I will kiss Baby Girl for you.

This Mermaid crown was made for a beach side wedding in Ontario. The beautiful bride will be wearing an ocean blue gown. Can't wait to see the pictures from this one.
It is fit for a pirates queen.

This is one of my lovelies modeling the Mermaid Crown. She was standing out in the snow, on one of Michigan's 20 degree days, wearing this crown and a fur coat. It was quite a sight. I think I should start charging the neighbors for ringside seats to some of our photo shoots.

This little beauty is wearing the ever so fashionable Seahorse Crown. You knew I couldn't leave baby Girl out of the party. She is the ultimate party animal and dreams of someday finding pirate's treasure.

How about a little pirate booty? Tune in tomorrow for Show and Tell Sunday to see where I got these beautiful turquoise beads. They made a lovely necklace or two.

This little mermaid is part of my mermaid collage for Studio Pink. Of course I had to give her a crown. She looked naked without it.

This young maiden is part of the mermaid collage. She looks like she is waiting for someone. Perhaps Pirate Johnny? I am sure she would have a fight on her hands. Right ladies?

Mermaid on the half shell, hanging from a very large empty bottle of rum. You didn't expect the pirates to leave you any, did you?

Another fair maiden, wearing yet another mermaid crown, decided to join us.

It looks like she has a secret.

Do you think she knows where the treasure map is?

Thank you all for stopping by our little Soiree. It has been fun spending the evening with you.

Don't forget to stop by The Ribboned Crown and link to the other lovely parties.

Good Night and don't forget to check back tomorrow for Show and Tell.

We are going on a road trip.


Friday Flea Market T.G.I.F.

It's that time again. T.G.I.F get ready for the weekend, but first a little shopping therapy. Shop til' you drop girls you know you deserve it. To check out the other Friday Flea Markets go to the following link.
Our hostess is Polly of
Thanks Polly!

I love turquoise, don't you? These turquoise beads are just gorgeous, the colors are so rich and they are strung on a very soft copper wire. It was so much fun making this necklace. $22
You can find it in my Etsy store.
Check back on sunday for Show and Tell and take a trip with me to find out where I got these awesome beads.

Spring is here and it's time for a proper house warming for those little feathered friends of ours. This house is french country style for those very chic twitty birds or your french home decor. You will find this and more at Studio Pink. $10

Make all your dreams come true with this Tussie Mussie Dream Catcher. It is a luscious green tin with copper colored butterfly, basil grass, Yellow Flicker feather, and Lake Superior worry stone. $12 Love it!

Oh my, this bunny bun bun just can't stop dancing. Why? Because it's spring silly. She is so lovely and stands 19.5 inches tall on a beautiful 6x 6 box with flowers and vintage gems. $20
Go to Studio Pink for more pics.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stoping by.

Tomorrow is the Swashbuckler Soiree join us for a feast and don't forget your pirate hat.

Sunday is Show and Tell, tune in this week and I'll take you on a roadtrip.

Happy Friday


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toy Party (retro style)

Ahhh, So dreamy, Malibu Barbie and Ken.

Well, today is Scappy Jessi's Toy Party. Over 50 bloggers will be showcasing their pictures of the toys they played with as a child. I don't have old pics to share with you, just googled images. Stop by Jessi's place and check out the other Toy Party's

Thanks Jessi for being a great hostess.

Malibu Barbie and Ken what a dream couple! I have to say they were my fav toys. This couple had it all. The looks, the tan, the dream house, the camper and oh, but of course the jeep. My barbies weren't your typical middle class couple. They were straight out of Beverly Hills. Life was pretty good for Barbie back then she was all the rage. Who didn't have or want a barbie in the 70's?

These little dolls hold special meaning for me. My grandmother gave me several Madame Alexander Dolls in native dress from different countries all over the world. They were beautiful and so detailed. I lost them to a flood in the basement of my house when I was a teen.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you Barbie and Ken's A Frame cottage. We should all have lived like Barbie. She didn't want for anything. I guess that's kinda deceiving to a young child. Oh well, I think I turned out okay. Just don't ask MR. Mya he says I don't know what the word NO means.

Did anyone have a Crissy doll and her sister Velvet? They were about 2 feet tall and had long hair that grew out of the top of their head when you pulled it. Crissy was a redhead and Velvet a blond. Velvet was my fav she had the beautiful long blond hair and yep you guessed it she came in a velvet dress. It was deep purple.

Okay, I just had to end with this because my brother and I had a lot of fun with this contraption. It was kinda like the easy bake oven (oh I had one of those too) but you could buy different molds and goop to make bugs or Creepy People Eaters that were edible, well at least we ate them. We played with this oven a lot but didn't always follow the directions. We use to fry little bugs, mainly Daddy Long Legs in it. Don't tell PETA.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Seasonal Decor

Well, seasons are changing and so must the house. It is out with the late winter/early spring and time for that summer look. Okay I am pushing it a little, I skipped right over spring. I am in my shell or little ocean vignette craze. This is a small part of my mantle display.

Here is a bigger view of the mantle with my ocean finds and nature cloche with feathers, nests and butterfly wings. The candelabras always stay but the rest is always a vignette of my nature finds or a holiday theme. It's a bit eclectic but that fits me, I don't like too perfect.

This display is a cloche with a kneeling angel, some things collected from nature, spiced up with a couple clay mushrooms I made. Surrounding the cloche is old bottles/beakers, antique glass floats, worry stones and seascapes. It kinds has that "Practical Magic" look going for it, of course MR. Mya says there is nothing practical about it.

This is my old salvage barn, given to me by my mother on my 40th birthday. It stands on pedestals and has Lake Superior stones that I've collected below it. (did I tell you that I collect a lot of things?) It is part of my shabby chic look. MR. Mya doesn't like shabby chic so I just have only a few little niches here and there.

Here is another little shabby chic nook. My decorating problem is that I like so many styles and I have so many different things that I collect and I don't want to put them away. I am not sure what my decor is. I do have a couple of altered chandeliers. I put them together with different pieces parts. So maybe I would call my style eclectic rustic elegance. MR. Mya says no, more like early Halloween. Oddly eclectic maybe but I think the Halloween thing is stretching it a bit far. Well who knows. It is probably about time for a complete makeover anyway. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sneak Peek

Took a little road trip today in order to bring you a fresh scoop for "Show and Tell Sunday" on my fav shopping haunts in Michigan. This is just a little tease the real full feature post will be next Sunday May 4th. Now, you know I'm not going to show you anything very revealing and trust me I do have some good stuff. You are defiantly going to want to tune in next Sunday. Here is a hint of where I shop. It has to do with a very big lake, it is west of me, and a mecca for art.

Sheena the ship maiden or queen. Isn't she awesome? Yes, she is for sale. I did buy a few things but you will just have to wait to see them.
Grapes anyone? The next shop is my fav.

Here is a sneak peek at what I saw and captured for you. These places are not your typical antique/art shops, no ma'am, they offer so much more. So unique that it was worth 4 hours of driving for me and MR. Mya to bring them to you. Well at least it was worth it to me, MR. Mya would rather have watched sports and taken a snooze. That's okay I am very glad to get him out and culture him a little.

Just look at these wonderful guardians of my very favorite place to browse. They look so attentive sitting up on a high shelf with the perfect view of the main shop. If you've seen this place you know that it is defiantly worth protecting. I am sorry but I won't give up any more you are just going to have to wait. Even though it is usually me that just can't wait to give someone their present or secretly unwrap mine. See you next sunday. You won't need your purse, just grab a cup of joe or whatever your pleasure and sit back and drool.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Owed To a Pirate

This photo is from my last vacation it was a Pirate ship that took goups out on a sunset sail. What a beautiful evening this was. Take me back to the beach!

April is national poetry month
So here is one of mine
Owed To A Pirate
I found a treasure along the beach,
it was just out of my reach,
floating on the waters blue,
the more I looked my curiosity grew,
what was that yonder still afloat,
I think I spied a pirate boat,
filled with treasure this I know,
begs the question friend or foe,
yes I found a treasure in the sand,
and I held it tightly in my hand,
I know you want to take a peek,
at the lovely treasure that I seek.
-Mya Anthony

This is another little Seascape that will soon be available in the Studio Pink shop on Etsy. It is so hard to photograph these little buggers. I would like to get better photos before I list them. It takes just the right light, early morning or early evening, and just the right spot and angle. Maybe tomorrow.

This is a macro view of the contents in the bottle. Still not too clear. The glass in this old bottle is a little wavy. I found the bottle years ago along a Michigan river. It's marked LCW company USA. Don't know what that means I have never researched it. Of course you know by now that I love the ocean and all the treasure that I find, but I just have a thing for these little tiny tree-like structures that wash up on the shore. You should have seen me collecting arm loads of them while all of the sunbathers gave me very strange looks. But I just knew I needed them.
Oh well, I have always been one of those curious sorts that finds beauty in the most unusual objects.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday Flea Market T.G.I.F.

Welcome everyone to my first Friday Flea Market. All the items that you will see featured below can be found in my Etsy store.
Studio Pink. There you will find detailed descriptions and pictures of all the items below along with over 40 other items.

Please check out the link below to the other shops featuring Friday Flea Market.
Shop til' you drop

The first item I'm featuring today is "Little Chickie Tea with the Queen" This little sweetie is perched on the handle of a vintage English tea pot and wears a purple pansy berret on her head. Isn't she adorable?

The pot is full of purple silk hydrangas with a seed bead center. If you purchase her, leave me a comment in the message box, that you saw her on Friday flea Market and I will send you a matching tea cup free. You could call it a Flea Market Friday Freebee. $12.00

I just love this vintage earring. It just has such a yummy look to it. This little gem is attached to the most beautiful Pink Tussie Mussie below.

This bouquet is made of gorgeous silk ranucculous flowers, wrapped in vintage wedding gown lace and tied with a baby pink silk ribbon, which is then topped off with the yummy vintage earring. This would look wonderful on a dressing table. $10.00

Jewel is a lovely little bird with a beautiful message. She is in a nest full of lusciously pink trinkets tucked inside. She wears a crown because she feels like a queen, making a nest for her future family. Take a look at her special message below.

Jewel says"Love Comes in Small Packages" This would make a beautiful gift for Mother's Day or for a Mother-to-be. In the first photo above this nest is perched on top of a candle stick and looks wonderful displayed that way. $10.00
The Enchanted Dress Form was inspired by the movie "Enchanted" It started with a wire frame which I embellished with silk flower petals, pink tulle, ribbons, beads and other fancy trimmings.
A white rose is on the sash. There are 2 tiny little white birds on each side of the hanger holding the white ribbons that are streaming down the sides. There are many more detailed pictures at my Studio Pink store. These photos will show the beautifully embellished back and sides of the dress. $10.00

This little bear is a Settler collectible bear. She is so very cute in her little velvet burnout dress. She sits on top of a Birthday Cake Box in a vintage tea cup.. The Birthday Cake box assemblage is meant to be a family heirloom either used every birthday or passed down to the newest little addition to the family. See the full picture below. It is built out of 2 round hat boxes covered in Laura Ashley paper and decked out with fancy trims. Each box is removable and can be used to store keepsakes or birthday cards. The boxes are fully functional and the little bear removable. The top of the box is embellished with silk flowers and decorative bulbs around the vintage tea cup. This box stands 18 inches tall and would make the perfect new baby gift, baby shower cake or birthday girl gift. This is one of 2 cakes for sale at Studio Pink.

All of the above items and many, many more can be found in my Studio Pink Shop at $45.00
You can use a major credit card through pay pal or money order.
You will enjoy completely secure shopping on Etsy with Pay Pal.
Your financial info is never disclosed.
Don't forget to check out the other Flea Market Friday sales by going to the link at the top of this post or you will find a link at the left of this blog. I hope you all enjoyed Flea market Friday. Come again and please leave a message.