Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year-New Day

Put away your Christmas duds and slip into something really special to celebrate the coming of 2009.
Can you believe that the new Year is upon us? Wow, 2008 was an amazing year in so, so many ways-good or bad, it packed quite a punch. The history that was made, the struggles that were won and lost and the important part- we all survived. One hell of a year no matter how you sum it up!

Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? If so- what are they? I haven't come up with mine just yet, but I have been mulling a few things over. The funny thing is, I have never kept my resolutions in the past-all broken. Yep- no surprise there. The last few years I swore off them, but this year I got to thinking; Even if you don't actually keep them, even if you break them into a million pieces before the bubbly is flat, at least you thought about improving your life. You made a plan and hopefully a conscious effort to be better. That has to be worth something, right? Here I go Ms. Justification in full swing.
What do you think and how will you celebrate? Will you be stepping out in a slinky black dress to a fancy party, or perhaps you'll have a romantic dinner with that special someone, maybe you will just stay in the comfort of your home wearing your new jammies- eat way too much,watch the ball drop and tip toe off to your cozy little bed-ready to meet the New Year without a hang-over. However you chose to celebrate-make it special and take some time to reflect on the incredible year we are leaving behind.

Happy New Year!!!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas in Blogland

My little Christmas angel

I wanted to wish all of my family and friends in blogland a very Merry Christmas. Bless each and every one of you for sharing your time with me here in blog land. This is a wonderful time of year for some while difficult for others. I hope that all of you find something to feel good about this Holiday Season.

I love this time of year, but if I had one wish from Santa, it would be a trip to a tropical beach with my whole family. Clam bakes and fresh lobster enjoyed on the beach, sand between my toes and the sun on my face, while I watch my family play in the surf. I guess I must have been a bad girl this year because instead of coal in my stocking I got 12 inches of snow outside my door and you know how I feel about winter weather. *#.*x. #!!!!

Take care and enjoy this blissful time of year.

Happy Holidays from Mya

This is me stuck inside during a snow storm.

Me, coming in from the cold. I look scary when I'm unhappy don't I.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

This question always comes to mind as I ponder over my Christmas list every year. Naughty or nice? Well, I have to admit, I think I have been a little of both. So on to the list....

Dear Santa,

#1 I would love a refill on my Jo Malone Lime Basil, Mandarin body creme.
(seriously girls this is too die for and on Oprah list of fav things)

#2 World peace (I'm so original)

#3 No more snow this year. Actually I would love an unusual tropical heat wave for the rest of the winter. (I go for the big stuff)

#4 My family to have the best Christmas ever. (all-day smiles, enjoy true meaning of Christmas, etc.)

#5 World peace (oh, I said that already)

#6 That all the fat cats on wall street, in the banking industry give their bonuses and buy-outs to someone less fortunate.

#7 The beautiful three foot tall pink orchid that I saw at the Orchid farm's greenhouse yesterday. (ya, ya, I know I would kill it just as quickly as I killed the one foot tall orchid from last year)

#8 A trip to the beach for a couple of weeks with my whole family.

#9 A week of positive and uplifting reports from the media (no more doom and gloom, please)

#10 A really sweet book deal with an awesome publisher

#11 My over-forty spread, stops spreading

#12 That all of my friends at home and in blog land, have a very special holiday surrounded by their loved ones and filled with all of their favorite things.

* I know, as always, I've asked for way too much but I did try to be good this year and I think my intentions should count for something. Come-on Santa


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Be Shy

Hi my name is Crazy Girl what's yours? Don't be shy as you can see I'm not.

I love getting dressed up and having my picture taken. Look mom I have my first tooth. I'm soooo cute!

I wuv my bunny. He's so soft. Have a nice day!

Xo-Grammy Mya

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Skip Christmas

Budgets are tight this year and the quest for the perfect gift is on. Don't sweat it readers, Mya is here to give you 3 thoughtful and even inexpensive ideas.

#1 The intimate dinner option: This is really fun when done with a group like your siblings for instance. Plan a meal and divide the entrees among the individuals contributing. Each person shops for and makes a different portion of the meal and serves it to the lucky recipient. This group can also provide the entertainment, music, after dinner foot rub, or whatever. This is what I put on my Christmas list for my poor college students, new home owner, and new parent. I can't wait to see what my children come up with and they have to clean up the kitchen afterwards. I love that part!

#2 The twelve days of Christmas lotto tree. This idea provides a little hopeful surprise or gambling to be done once a day for the twelve days before Christmas. Take one tiny tree and paper clip 12 $1:00 lotto tickets to it's branches. Wala you have 12 days of fun and somebody might actually win big!

#3 The I love you Advent Calendar. Take one 3d advent calendar and stuff each hole with a little message for the day. You could use inspirational messages, I love you because, or thinking of you type stuff. Stuff a little sweet, like chocolate in with the message and really put a smile on some one's face!

There you have it, three inexpensive ways to say I love you at Christmas. Let me know if any of you decide to use them and how they work out.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on the Girl and The Mission

Mya-Girl get out there and shovel the side walks. The cold won't kill you I promise! That is your big mission for today.
If I post it- it will be done. xo-Mya

I might Get Arrested

I wasn’t born yesterday, far from it, but why do I feel so tempted to do something so stupid and very illegal? I was approached a few days ago about joining a Woman’s Gifting Circle. The invitation came from an old friend for a girls night of food and sharing. She said it was a gifting club for woman where they get together and talk while exchanging gifts. Okay here’s how that conversation went:
This is me: “Okay, sounds like fun, what sort of gift should bring?” Friend: Well it’s kind of hard to explain but we give each other money.” Me: “Money, how much money?” Friend:“Most groups give 5k each. (yeah thats right 5 thousand) and our 8 names form a heart. The woman at the point or bottom of the heart gets the 40k. Then she drops out and everyone moves down a spot.” Me: “What 5k are you crazy?”
Well you can imagine how the rest of that conversation went. I just couldn’t get over the fact that she wanted me to bring 5k in cash and hand it over, all in hopes that I would eventually receive 40k, if we get enough suckers, I mean woman, to join.
I asked around a bit and did a little google search but I still wasn’t satisfied with what I heard or found. The net said pyramid scheme and very illegal. People I know said,” oh yeah I heard so and so did it and made 40k or did it twice and made 80k.”
My brain says; what a scam and Mya girl you would have to be one crazy bitch to get involved with that. I can just see it now, after the money is exchanged the swat team will bust through the windows, swinging on ropes, put me in handcuffs and then hall me away to share my new digs with my new roomy, Big Bonnie.
Ohhh, Did I forget to tell you about my vivid imagination. Yeah it’s pretty bad. Throw in a little anxiety and a lot of caffeine and you have the rambling version of musing mya. But seriously readers, what should I do? I am sooo curious and who wouldn’t want to make a quick and painless 40k? Yes Janet, I am well aware of the old add-age; if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, but, but I just want to go to see what kind of women are involved. Should I go and leave my check book at home or should I just stay away, all together, because I know how easily suckered I am?… And of course there is the illegal part. But I am so tempting by the easy money thing.

Have I ever done anything illegal before, you ask? Well that’s an entirely different post :)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twilight and Vampire Loving; are you kidding me?

Have you seen the movie Twilight or read the book?

Okay, I definitely have a vivid imagination and I love a hot steamy romance but I just don't know if I could get into the whole vampire love thing. I am quite sure the moment things were heating up and he bent over to sink his fangs into my neck, it would be all over- period. True I have not seen the movie or read any of the books but still I have to wonder- am I so different from most. I just can't see the allure of having a lover that drinks blood. Can you? I tried to watch Interview with a Vampire with Mr. Dreamy Brad Pitt but I couldn't handle it and I turned it before it was half over. Can you believe I turned away from Sexy Brad?

I realize this movie is based on a YA novel and there is probably no sex, just a love affair between normal teens and ones that sport long fangs and drink blood. I admit I am curious about the movie and you can be sure that the moment it hits pay-per-view I will be all over it, but until then I really need some enlightenment on the whole vampire lover thing. What am I missing people tell me!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow is a Four Letter Word


Is anyone with me out there? Okay, it is beautiful and makes the world soft and quiet. Yes, there is something magical about walking in a woods that has been silenced by deep snow. But it is also very wet, very, very cold, dangerous on the roads and did I say it's cold? It's not really the snow that I despise. Its the whole cold thing. Winter is not my scene. I have southern roots and can't understand for the life of me why my relatives would have chosen, yes CHOSEN, to move to a cold climate. I was born here-had no choice.

There are certain things that I do enjoy about winter and here are a few of them:

Crackling fire

Hot cocoa

The sound of snow under my tires

Tree branches frosted with snow

Cute snowmen with very fashionable accessories

Did any of you brave black Friday? I was one of those very silly woman that started at 4:00 am. You heard me right I got up and went shopping at 4:00 am. It was my nieces fault. She insisted that we start early enough to get a free Victoria Secret bag. I said do you really think they Will be out by the respectable time of 9:00 am?

To my surprise the store was packed at 4:00 am along with several other stores. We passed a few large department stores with lines circling around the buildings and no parking spaces to be had. This is in Michigan, the unemployment capital of the USA. Maybe the media has it all wrong. I heard that sales were up everywhere but somehow the media failed to make a big deal of that.

It was fun and I did survive without a nap, just lots of caffeine.

Have yourself a beautiful snow covered day or sun shiny day depending on where you live.