Friday, September 26, 2008

Pink Saturday; Can you hear me now?


Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. It's cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, especially little girls.

Do you remember when phones were big and immoble like this? You had to sit in the room with everyone else, maybe crouch behind a chair, to make a call. Not a lot of privacy but then we didn't spend nearly as much time on the phone as we do today. Remember the feeling of sweeping your finger around the dial? Would our kids even know how yo use one of these?

Well, here we are in modern times when everyone has one of these hanging on the side of their face at all times. I am just as quilty. What did we do before the days of instant gradification and the feeling of being connected at all times? Could we ever return to the days of a 5 pound stationary phone? I think not!

Join Beverly and the gang for more Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking Through the Garden Gate

There is something about a garden gate that compels you to look. You must, at least, take a peek at what lies beyond the garden gate.

Even the plants know the secret and are willing to help protect it by obscuring your view. It must be a secret so special that you are willing to risk it and sneak past the entrance.

Some secrets are rare or just too good to keep. All gardens are beautiful in their own way but a gate makes them more alluring in your minds eye.

Temptation lies in the mind of us all and we can't help but take a peek at the secrets that lie beyond the gate.

I love a good garden gate it peeks my interest and adds an old world charm to my view. Everything looks much better and much more intriguing when seen through sturdy wrought iron.

The details and design of the gate speak volumes about the place that it protects. The guardian of our lives make the world a more beautiful place and keep the secret alive.

While taking a walk past this hefty gate would you dare to peek at the secrets that hide behind it? Would you bend down and peek through the windows or would you be strong enough to pass by without a look?

This post begs the question; what secrets lie behind your garden gate?

Just a little playful eye candy for a routine Thursday.

Have a great day.


Monday, September 22, 2008

If Wishes had Wings

If wishes had wings and dreams were like fairies.

my little princess

If wishes had wings and could reach their destination, what would you wish for? Would your dreams be so profound as world peace or as selfish as a new car?

princess of the pumpkin patch

If dreams were like pumpkins, would you dream big and round like a million dollars? Or small and simple like a sun-shiny day?

my little princess

If wishes were like fairies with a little magic to move them along, where would you be? Would you live in a mansion down by the sea? Or would you wish for a long life of health and happiness too?

my fairy princess

If wishes had wings and dreams were like fairies, my wish would be for you: to follow your bliss and never look back, to make everyday special and cherish your loved ones, to smile at your friends and be kind to strangers, to laugh at the small stuff and sweat only when necessary, but most of all to be yourself and know you are loved!

All my love.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink Saturday meets The Women

Happy Pink Saturday.
Girls Night, We saw the new movie; THE WOMEN

It was witty, fun and oh yes, Meg Ryan still looks fabulous!
This movie has met with mixed reviews; I would give it a 6.5 out of 10. Based on the girly humor and fun. My girlfriends said it was okay. I found a link to The Vault Blog with movie clips and relationship advice.

Unlike Sex in the City there was no sex or outrageous outfits. Just relationship troubles and true girl bounding. A definite chic flick to save for girls night.

Your hubby may want to see the movie just for the spritzer girl :(

Not the kind of chic you want helping your man with his Christmas shopping.

Bet Midler was as fun as usual in her short appearance. She played a ganja smoking wacky talent agent.

Four fabulous friends; what else could a girl ask for?
Girlfriends always keep each other in the vault!

Don't forget to visit our Dear Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for links to the the blogs in the pink today.

What good movies have you seen lately?

This post is dedicated to all my girlfriends out there. Friendships are special cherish them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy Weekend of Nonsence and Rain

How are you surviving mother nature? It seems she has calmed down a bit for us. We tried to make the most of the 7 inches of rain that fell upon us over the past weekend. Here are just a few of the crazy things we did.

My Daughter let loose a few rubber duckies into the little brook that became a big stream running through our yard. We watched from the windows as they floated by in the rain. It was quite a comical way to combat cabin fever.

Did a little shopping at Target and picked myself up a trendy little corduroy trench coat in turquoise. I just love everything about this jacket, the weight, the color, the style.

I just had to have this little black dress. I don't have a specific event to wear it to, but I love it. You can never have too many black dresses, Right?

Girls night, Yipeee! We went to dinner but never made it to the movie "The Women" because it was on at 9:30 and everyone had an early start to the next day. Party Poopers.
I still can't wait to see it.

We had a few nightly visitors during the storm. This group consisted of 2 momma deer, one with twins and the other with a single fawn. Very Sweet!

Caught Ya
My little grand- princess is being sneaky; trying to steal the remote again. Isn't she precious!

This little creature came out just as the storm ended to bask in the moonlight. He was bigger than a mouse and a bit creepy looking. (no more mice in my far)

This sounded like a good idea at the time but it got a little out of hand. Brit needed to take some pics for her photography class. We dressed up the dogs for a tea party on the porch (it was still raining) She started snapping away when all of a sudden a squirrel decided to get in on the action. You can imagine how they dogs felt- No squirrels allowed! So they took off across the lawn and down the path to the field and pond. So much for getting dressed up for tea.

Franchesca ruined a perfectly good party dress on her squirrel hunt which cancelled the photo shoot. The squirrel got away and later climbed up into the tree to peak in the windows and taunt the poor mutts.

My little gypsy girl remained on the porch. No squirrel is worth the pain of getting your feet wet. She doesn't do mud or snow either. Just another Diva in the house of Musing Mya.
Thank you, my wonderful blogging friends. Have a great week. Hope the weather has calmed down for you all.
By the way I made it through the dentist today but have to go back to finish up in 3 weeks. Yeah!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pink Saturday; Critter Alley

found these little cuties on this blog

I thought I would use this Pink Saturday to give you an update on my critter infestation. Our lovely hostess Beverly has links to the whole Pink Saturday cast; so pay her a visit.

It all started in my previous post when I explained about the mice who have made my Lexus into their castle. I found one in my back seat while cruising down the highway. Through him out but I just knew their were more. The smell of fried mice coming from my vents was a telltail sign that this mouse wasn't alone.
So today I took my car into the dealership and explained my situation. I let them know that my car is the only one they love. Do they bother either of my sons cars that have left over food and dirty dishes in them? NO.
Do they bother my husbands truck that had a bag of bird seed in the back seat? NO.
They prefer the clean car with the leather seats that are heated no less.
Well it took those boys 2 hours to tear things apart, find the remains of the dead mice and tear out the huge nest. This in turn sent little field mice running rampant through my car and out into the dealership. The kind gentleman told me they got them and I was safe to go home but when I stepped into my car, what do you think I found. A little mouse sitting on the passenger side grooming himself. Did he mind that I was riding along? NO.
I called the boys over and they chased him out into the showroom. LOL
Needless to say I am sure that I'm not free of mice yet.
Because I stopped at Target and found the cutest black dress when all of a sudden I heard screams coming from the front of the store. Come to find out there was a mouse running through the aisles. Well you bet I checked my purse thinking they hitched a ride.
(This is all true I swear, I couldn't write this stuff)

flickr photo

Now I am really starting to get paranoid because when I was dressing in the bathroom today, a couple of little voyeurs were stuck to the window peeking in at me. (tree frogs)

flicker photo

And a giant praying mantis was sitting on one of the cars in our driveway after dark. He was as big as a mouse and startled me as I walked by.

I have always had stray animals show up at my door or my car but never mice. I have a reputation and people call me when their animals are missing because they usually cross my path. Several years ago I met a new friend and she told me her dog was missing. The very next day I was visiting another friend and the dog showed up there. A couple years later I found a friend's missing dog while walking on my lunch hour during work; he just ran up to me. So on and so forth. You get the picture. Animals always seam to find me or I find them.

FYI; The car dealer told me to put dryer sheets in my car to repel the mice. But first I have to catch the ones still living in my dash board.

Sorry so long winded but I needed to share.

Have a great mouse-free weekend.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

City Girl Overrun by Country Critters

This city girl needs help from some of you country folk. Ok I grew up as a country girl but I have been living in the city for over 20 years now. When I say city I mean; within the city limits but just barely. A few feet outside my yard is country; a hard wood forest, a meadow and a pond. Having clarified all of that; here is my problem.
The critters love our place we are visited by deer, skunks, coons, wild turkeys, snakes, etc. With the exception of the snakes I don't mind. Every since I bought my most recent car I have had a huge problem with field mice. They love my car. Not my hubby's truck or either of my son's vehicles, just mine.
They climb into the engine, cooling system, heating vents or where ever they can. They don't just visit they nest and reproduce. You can imagine what my car smells like after the fan belt chops them to bits leaving pieces of flesh to fry on the engine.
Sorry to be so graphic but I am really ticked off because now they have grown tired of their hiding spots under the hood.
They have moved inside to warmer and more comforting quarters.

Brace yourself for this next story. It will make your skin crawl.

I need one of these

I was driving my 15 mile jaunt this morning to pick up the princess when I heard an unusual sound. It was a chirping sound. I thought perhaps the speakers to my car were going out. Then I thought maybe a bird had gotten locked inside. Just then I saw something fall from the ceiling behind me. Two seconds later I noticed little black droppings on my dash. I quickly pulled over and jumped out of my car. Opened all of the doors and started looking for the little *#^*#!
I found a baby field mouse (with his eyes still unopened) on my back seat. I grabbed him by the tail and tossed him out. I just know there are more but can't find the *^*#* little darlings.
Help me or I will have to get one of these (below) to live in my Lexus.

Maybe I should get one of these

Not sure which would be worse the mess of an owl in my car or the smell of dead mice in my heating unit. Not to mention the filthy droppings on the seats and the fear that a mouse is going to drop on my head (while I am driving) at any given moment.

Come on country girls ...

Help out a city girl.

What should I do?

- City Girl Mya

Monday, September 8, 2008

Enchanted Window Party

Happy Monday and welcome to The Enchanted Window Party sponsored by Cielo from The House in the Roses.

Thank you Cielo; what a lovely idea for a party.

my window at sunrise

Windows are the soul of a house because, just like our eyes, they capture the light that surrounds us. I love the way the light of day changes our view of everything. From sunrise to sunset the light can change a scene or our mood in an instant.

my window in mid-morning

A beautiful window, wavy glass, and the color of light is all I need to inspire my mood. It is difficult to capture the light just right, but when you do, it's pure magic.

my window at sunset

Sunset is a special time of night that bathes everything in a peaceful glow. It's amazing how the view through one window can change drastically with a little time and light.

The light in my window is dramatically beautiful but it is what lies beyond the window that most inspires me.

I love this little pink cottage and the cute little windows that are enveloped in Bougainvillea vines. Just perfect in a very quaint sort of way! I wish it was mine!

My very favorite thing about summer is the way the breeze of an open window blows the curtains across the floor and breathes life into a room. Sometimes it seems as though the room is living and breathing right along with us. Again the light filtering through this window is magical.

Thank you for visiting me. Hope you can visit the window parties in Blog Land today.

I will be thinking of all of the beautiful windows while I whimper in the dentist chair today.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Pink Saturday; My Little Princess

She began modeling for Studio Pink
at one week old.

Yes, It is Pink Saturday and today I am featuring pics of my little Pink Princess. We knew she was a princess right from the start :) She is definitely her Grammy's princess.
Please stop by Beverly's How Sweet the Sound for a list of everybody who is in the Pink today.

The little Princess in her new red convertible. What are Grammy's for? No Grampy you can't take credit for this, it was Grammy's treat. She is modeling a new mermaid crown for Studio Pink.
The car was a perk.

She's sweet even without a crown. Baby Grace is nine months old and she is crawling, almost walking, her favorite word is hi and she loves to talk on the phone. I think we might be in trouble with this little social butterfly.
No, she is not spoiled just lucky!

Monday will be a beautiful window party sponsored by The House in the Roses

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Crying Room

This post is my contribution to this week's Sunday Scribblings. The topic is somewhere. Well after the week I had my somewhere has ended in a crying room taking pity on myself.

I decided to leave a whiny or cry baby post today, not to ask you to feel sorry for me but to just let you know what kind of week I had. First, let me start by saying that there are people far worse off than me but I do want to vent about everything that went painfully wrong last week.

Let the whining begin. It all started on Monday when I was cooking a fabulous dinner for my girls friends for our inspiration board night. Well at about 5:00 pm I managed to sustain 2nd degree burns on my abdomen by spilling a pot of boiling water on myself. The night went on and I survived. All was okay and my burns had become ugly blisters until Tuesday afternoon when my precious little granddaughter jumped on my stomach and ripped the blisters open. Well I guess you know that if I ever had any dreams of becoming a bikini model, I can just forget about it now. Ha Ha!
Things were getting better until Saturday when my tooth started hurting and by nightfall I was in excruciating pain. Sunday morning I made my way to The Ready Care and got a script for an antibiotic. Well it is now Tuesday and the pain is still there so we are trying a stronger med just as soon as I get done whining and make my way to the pharmacy.
It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that I have a horrific fear of the dentist (probably why I have a bad tooth) and avoid them like the plague. I can't help it. I would rather have my appendix ripped out. At least I would be sleeping while they tortured me.
I know the tooth thing will most likely end in a dentist chair with me crying while having a root canal :(

Yes, you are right I am a big baby and professional drama queen. You might as well just deal with it... I have.

Thank you for letting me vent.

I do feel a little better.

If anyone would like to use my crying room feel free.

I will listen.

Just remember I am the queen of drama in this crying room. LOL

Here is to hoping we all have a better week!

Take Care,