Saturday, May 31, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday "Is It Storage or Clutter?" You Decide

It's that time again... Show and Tell Sunday
Our hostess today is the beautiful Cerri from LittlePinkStudio drop by her place to link up with the other Show and Tell fun.
Today's topic is where we store our treasures or supplies.
Did we really have to go there? Very Scary!
As you will see I am a use what you have kinda girl.

I just wanted to say that luckily no one was hurt in the making of this post. You know falling closet debris in all.

Gotta love my Shabby Chic baskets. They are wonderful for storing almost anything. I keep them in the Grand Princess/guest room they fit in perfect with the decor. My only room that Mr. Mya let me go a little shabby chic with. The princess was my excuse.

I fell madly in love with this cabinet from the moment I saw it at a garage sale. I ran to it and almost tripped my sister on the way. Sorry sis but I'm younger and faster :) It is hand painted and so cottage chic. LOve it!
No I won't show you inside this cupboard. Something could fall out and injure you.

Here is a jar full of vintage jewelry and pieces/parts. I really love old jars with lids for storing my odds and ends. It helps to be able to see things since they aren't perfectly organized and labeled.

This iron dress form started out as a spot to hold my Marie Antoinette princess crown but after that sold , it has kind of collected a variety of projects. She sits in the corner of my studio. My studio walls are a very deep red maple but I would love to go soft pink. Hummm, That would require a few coats of paint and a furniture change.

This oriental hope chest sits in my hallway and holds a few odds and ends. On top of the chest is my books on sea glass and pottery shards.
I collect both and the urn holds some of my shell and shard collection.

This jar trio is a little cottage series with birds and cherubs. Perfect for more little pieces/parts. They are standing on top of a wooden basket.
I would love to have a wall of open shelves to house everything in plain sight. In stead of trying to remember where I stored what.

My table in the studio, filled with a few completed projects and a couple in progress. The table is covered with pottery shards that I collected while traveling in New Brunswick's Bay Of Fundy. Very awesome place to travel and collect pottery and glass from the sea. The surface isn't even and I grouted in a few cup handles too. It was a fun project that took me a few weeks to complete.

This is what lays beneath the table. A big blue trunk and a couple boxes and clay head. Did I mention that I use what I have for storage?
No fancy shelving unit here.

My parents made me a peg rack a few years ago. I usually change it with the seasons but right now it is stuffed with items from the my Etsy shop.
Someday I will get organized, I promise.

Warning Warning... Watch out for falling debris.
I can't believe I was brave enough to show you my flower closet.
Very Scary!
I think I will take a peek at your space for a little inspiration.
If you have any organizational tips leave them here.

Thanks for stopping by the studio. Have a fabulous Sunday.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Flea Market "Tres Tres Chic"

Wow, It is amazing how fast the week goes
Here we are at FridayFleaMarket once again.
To take a peek at the other fabulous finds
click on the polka dot icon or the orange highlighted title.
Once again our wonderful hostess is Polly,
so pay her a visit.
My Tres Tres Chic Flea Market items are listed in my post below under the heading
"Studio Pink New Goodies".
To take a closer look or for a better description or to purchase any of my items click on the link here. StudioPink
See my post below for my fabulous Flea Market
Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by :) Mya

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Studio Pink New Goodies

Studio Pink update. I did a little restocking. Added a few Shabby Cottage Chic, a little Romantic Country and just a little foo foo to the store.
Add a little poodle to your parlor or a romantic cherub to your bath.
I love, love cherubs and this little guy is oh, so sweet!

This sweet plaque works as a perfect little hanger for your guest towels, beautiful tussie cone or whatever your heart desires. It is done in a shabby pink with white and silver bead trim. Too sweet!

I love this little beauty. I am not sure if it is the rich green and pink colors, the french bistro table or the little paper roses. It is cottage chic with a french twist. For some reason it just makes me think
Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine

This little sign is the motto for life, marriage, and family. It may not always come true but it does remind me of all the bedtime stories of my youth. You remember the handsome prince charming, the white horse and the castle. Well it makes a wonderful tag for a wedding gift anyway.

Calling all fashion Divas or shoe freaks. This is your sign. We all know at least one fashion queen or shoe diva don't we?
This would look perfect in your big dressing room ;) LoL
Well, at the very least it would look good hanging on the door to your closet.

Hanging on the garden fence.

I had to take advantage of the morning sun after a frosty night. Burrrrr! I thought it was late may?

Oh so shabby cottage. Love the pink pile up of little flowers and the pink fringe so yummy. This miniature vanity is a vintage piece I revamped. It was orange and had little holes around the sides to hold earrings.
I like my cute doll house version better.

Sushi anyone? I assembled a few different pieces to make these fun tassels. The fish and seahorse are covered in sequins and glitter and the tassels are shiny crystal cut beads. Makes a great sparkler in the window.

Here is a close-up of these shiny little sea creatures. The fish is actually my favorite of the 2 but the seahorse much more photogenic. He is a show stealer.

Shabby sweet. Another vintage find that I revamped. Love the tiny little flowers and angel on the back of the chair.

This piece just screams romance to me. I love to take totally unlike items and marry them together to make a totally new creation. It is a combination of a vintage mother of pearl small belt buckle (I think),
a vintage tat from an old hat and the little angel button all hung on a faded vintage silk ribbon.
Love it!

The last new item at StudioPink is this Da vinci style pendant necklace. The pendant is made from a vintage piece of copper that was on a necklace that had seen better days. I set it in a silver jewelry frame and added vintage rhinestones to it. Gave it a dusting of glitter and hung it on a little turquoise seed bead necklace.
Love the cooper and turquoise together.

Thank you so much for visiting me today.

Have a wonderful day.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Dresses Carrie Bradshaw, Anyway?

Could this be you walking down the streets of your home town?
How many looks would you get. Well maybe you live in New York City or Los Angeles or somewhere that this is a norm.
I came across an article on ivillage for Sex and the City looks for less.
Now I will admit I do watch the show sometimes and I do like to see what Carrie is wearing but I don't think that I would or could ever pull off any of her looks.
I mean really that flower alone would suffocate me and the shoes, well I'd feel like I needed a sword and shield to fight off the dragons.
Before we get into their suggestions for Sex and the City looks for less, lets spend a moment in the garden.
It is finally starting to come together after a couple of days of hard work.

This is a dry river bed that we put in shortly after we built the house. It was kind of necessary because sometimes, after a heavy rainfall, there is a stream that flows through it. We have since then been planting and collecting rocks to go along it. The problem is that the deer eat half of what I plant. I am trying to stick with plants they won't eat.
I love Lillys but unfortunately so do they :(

Peony flowers are my absolute fav of all time. This is a peony tree flower. I would prefer pink but couldn't find it in pink, only red. I do have a pink peony bush but it doesn't do so well in my soil. This tree Peony has really thrived. Love, Love it!

My second fav has to be Roses. This is a climbing rose. It is new this year. Roses don't usually thrive here either but I keep trying. I have very sandy soil around my house. I needed to bring the soil from my last home along. It was fantastic for growing anything.

Things are coming along and if the weather cooperates and stays warm I think that I will be over the hump. My lavender is a little slow this year. Not too sure what's up with that. I can't have a garden without lavender!

Okay back from our blogging break. I do have to say that I like this dress and I might wear it minus the blue thing and the shoes Carrie is wearing , Well, I don't think the shoes are my style. The alternative dress that they show is from Forever21 and retails for $27.80 but the shoes are from BCBG and sell for a whooping $295. I do like the BCBG shoes, but really how many of you spend that for one pair of shoes?
For that price I want a foot massage and a pedicure.

Okay, this outfit is a little more like it. Love the brown. I think I would lose the gloves though.
i village compared Carrie's clutch to this one from
Chineselaundrybags I don't see the similarity and I wouldn't spend $78 dollars for it. Would you?

Here we are back to the crazy dress with the giant flower on the chest.
I just really don't get the dress or the shoes. The dress looks dressy but the shoes and hand bag scream biker chic. Is this art? The comparison they made was this dress from Forever21 which retails for $19.80. I don't think they have much in common other than the color white.
Great price but not my style.
The shoes are from Urbanoutfitters.
I can't see me in those either.
Well, that's all for the fashion fun.
My girl friends want to go see the Sex and the City movie in a couple of weeks.
I will let you know what I think, of the clothes and the movie.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Show and tell Sunday "China Heaven"

Show and tell Sunday Once again. Today we show off our favorite dishes. Love, Love my dish collection. I have so many but I choose to show off only a few. It was a little difficult carting the dishes and the Grand Princess out to the garden for our photo shoot.

Thank you Analise for hosting show and tell today. Be sure to pay her blog, Sugar Sugar a visit.

I love all of the wonderful details you find, top to bottom on vintage dishes. My little sprite looks pretty happy in the garden on this beautiful sunny day.

We're set for a little tea party among the trees.
All we need is a princess.
I love to set a table or bench, in this case,
with beautiful white dishes, white linens and candle light.
There is nothing more elegant.

The perfect little spot to sit for tea, a good book or a little bird watching.
I couldn't ask for a better spot except a little less poison ivy. Thought I might see the princess over here.

I so love this cup. It is so detailed and dainty. It makes you want to hold out your pinkie with tea. I learned, recently at tea party that I attended, that it was actually considered bad manners to hold out your pinkie in Victorian times. Who Knew?

The roses on these shabby chic dishes has to be my fav. Creamy white background with pink roses and gold trim. Perfect!

This blue bird covered dish is one of my favorite garage sale finds.
The colors are so soft and beautiful and I love blue birds.

I have had it for 3 years but have not used it for serving food. I just keep it filled with dried roses from the garden.

Here is another shot of my favorite tea cup and little rose plates. The plates are the perfect size for a chocolate cupcake or lemon scone. Yumm!

Took a quick shot of my Stangl tea pot, sugar bowl and my very cute owl creamer. So sweet and all from the 50's.

Another quickie taken of my grandma's electric tea pot (still works) and a couple sugar bowls. The sugar bowl to the front is part of my Blue Ridge hand painted pottery collection that I didn't photograph.

What would a china collection be without a little Blue Willow. I love it but this is my only piece. It is a beautiful platter in perfect condition.
I can't believe that I have collected only one piece of these old beauties.

Oops, here is another pic of this gorgeous tea cup and saucer. Can you tell it is one of my favorites? Love it!

These tea cups and saucers are my favorite Stangl pieces. The colors speak to me. They are not your dainty little English tea sets. Stangl ware has a chunky feel to it. The finish is so soft and creamy.
I think it screams romantic home.

I love to add shells and vintage brooches with fine china, to my table scape's. The lighting through the trees really does make an elegant shot.

This spot looks like the perfect place for a princess.
Don't you think?
I know, I know this was supposed to be about my china collection but everything, including my photo shoots, just seems to turn into art or a story.

Ahh, There is my little Grand Princess. What would a tea party be without a princess? She is so yummy sweet and the best piece in my collection ;)
Love her!

Thank you for stopping by today.
I am wishing you all a very safe and beautiful holiday weekend.