Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year-New Day

Put away your Christmas duds and slip into something really special to celebrate the coming of 2009.
Can you believe that the new Year is upon us? Wow, 2008 was an amazing year in so, so many ways-good or bad, it packed quite a punch. The history that was made, the struggles that were won and lost and the important part- we all survived. One hell of a year no matter how you sum it up!

Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? If so- what are they? I haven't come up with mine just yet, but I have been mulling a few things over. The funny thing is, I have never kept my resolutions in the past-all broken. Yep- no surprise there. The last few years I swore off them, but this year I got to thinking; Even if you don't actually keep them, even if you break them into a million pieces before the bubbly is flat, at least you thought about improving your life. You made a plan and hopefully a conscious effort to be better. That has to be worth something, right? Here I go Ms. Justification in full swing.
What do you think and how will you celebrate? Will you be stepping out in a slinky black dress to a fancy party, or perhaps you'll have a romantic dinner with that special someone, maybe you will just stay in the comfort of your home wearing your new jammies- eat way too much,watch the ball drop and tip toe off to your cozy little bed-ready to meet the New Year without a hang-over. However you chose to celebrate-make it special and take some time to reflect on the incredible year we are leaving behind.

Happy New Year!!!!



  1. We will be staying home. My mom used to host New Year's Eve. But we don't do that anymore. Some of the people who used to come have died. Life changes and we don't do things the same way. Sometimes we got together with friends, but they have moved, so not doing that either. One year we had a party at our church and ended with a short service. I was disappointed that was not continued. It had a good turn out. So we both work during the day and come home to whatever we feel like doing. We will be going to an Open House on New Year's Day though.

  2. Um, I don't have a New Year's resolution really, but I do intend to make 2009 a makeover year and get some entertaining done and eat healthier! Yup, I'm gonna do all that! :)

  3. "HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Mya, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!" (and many more). "oh, is that the "birthday song" that is OK, you can use it for NEW YEARS TOO uh?? I don't think there is a law against that...*wink* I hope to blog more this upcoming year,miss ya!! XOXO Jeannene

  4. Happy New Year Mya!! I really enjoy your joie de vivre and MY new year's resolution is to have more of it myself!

    I hope that 2009 is everthing you wish it to be for you and your family.

  5. Happy New Year Mya!!! I love your blog and see your pretty wallpaper has slipped away . . . we will have to fix that :) Resolution #1, LOL. I'll start off nice and easy.

    I just got one of those step counters that you clip to your hip for the day. You are suppose to walk 10,000 steps a day for a healthy heart. My routine, with a long dog walk every days, gets me to 10K. I'll see how my average goes each week. It is hard when it is soooo cold outside.

    Best wishes for 2009 my friend :)

    Karen xoxox


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