Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Addition in Michigan

A star is born- well almost.
More on that later.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Michigan last week and they built a fabulous house.

This deserving family lost their father and husband to the dreadful Hep-C virus. He unfortunately contracted it while working as a nurse at a local hospital.

My husband's company was one of the contractors on the job and to my daughter's surprise he set it up so she could help build the interior stone wall. Imagine her excitement as she did her hair and picked just the right outfit for her debut. Dani sue had visions of meeting the man- Ty Pennington. Well he was no where to be seen on that day- off on another assignment.

She decided that it was okay that she didn't see Ty when Micheal asked her to be his assistant for the unveiling of the T.V. He told her to hide behind a half wall and pop up when he said the T.V. will appear out of nowhere. She quickly jumped behind the wall and fixed her hair but at the last minute the producer gave her a piece of cardboard to push up instead of her face. She didn't find it very funny as they all laughed at her question-How are they going to see me?

Micheal was sweet and signed her shirt. Then he called her his little T.V. bitch (in an endearing way) and told her to put on her resume that she was his assistant.

Although she didn't become a star or get to meet Ty, she had a good time and it was a very worthy cause.

Sorry Dani Sue but I had to share this- it was just too good to keep to myself :)

XO-Mya (mom)


  1. That is a cute story, and good for her for helping. This group has done some amazing work.

  2. It was amazing she was even on the show in some form. A good and interesting experience to look back on in the future.

  3. How exciting to be up close and personal with a neat project like that. They always do such amazing and inspring things for people!

  4. That is so neat, that extreme makeover was in your area...I wish your daughter could have met ty! Thanks for stopping by...I love reading your comments...yes, girl I had alot of fun with the pretties....drop back by to see some of what I did with the pretties when you get the chance, okay!? Hope you have a great night.

  5. How cute, Mya.

    Extreme Makeover was here the week or 2 before coming up to you! They did a house about 2 miles from here in Toledo, Ohio!

    Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my Birthday at the Tea Party. I'm glad you had a good time!!


  6. My father in law worked on a house in LA it was crazy and Ty has a double that does some shots. I'm not sure if that's true knowing my father in law. Funny Denise

  7. Just Stopping by for a peek. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings.. Polly

  8. Hi Mya, What a great post. I love watching Extreme Makeover. It is nice to watch some feel-good reality shows for a change.

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Karen

  9. Very cool. They also redid a house in MD. Our builders worked on it. My daughter has a huge crush on Ty.

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