Friday, October 17, 2008

Pink Saturday and Sunday Scribblings (Ruby Moon)

Photo credit: Flickr/ enchantres

I always wanted to open a little shop of upscale bath and body products and call it Ruby Moon. Since that was not to be, I created an imaginary Ruby Moon. It was imagined by me as described below. (Just my style)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ruby Moon was full of the enchanting allure of mysterious concoctions, all very purposeful but dangerous to the wallet. These mixtures were represented in bottles and tins of all shapes and sizes. The slender bottles gracing the window ledges reflected colorful light that bounced off the mirrors throughout the shop. They consisted of thick wavy glass that resembled old vessels washed up on the shore. Wavy glass bent the light into prisms that danced across the floor. There were endless shelves of glass, deep mahagony floors, and a hint of apple green covered what was left. Amber bottles wore labels with vintage appeal that was reminiscent of old France and begged to be touched.

It took only a quick glance in the window or a whiff of the lingering aroma to draw the customers in. The regulars were women who had little to do and more money than they knew what to do with. Many a traveler happened upon the shop with only fumes in their wallets but somehow they found a way to possess a special tonic that would change their lives. Some potions pledged to get you in the mood while other tonics promised to fix any flaw. Tucked in the back corner of Ruby Moon were thick cushy robes and fluffy white slippers that felt like heaven and begged to be worn. Moody blues played in the background as the customers filled their arms with French milled soaps, musk scented candles, and sexy bath beads.

The magic started the moment you entered the shop; a feeling of serenity swept you up; intoxicating smells whisked you away to exotic places with a mind-set far from home. An essence of vanilla with just a hint of something spicy always lingered over head. Each product held a promise to bless your home, make you unforgettable or cause a barren woman to become fertile.

This shop was bathed in a mystic atmosphere and every scent played a part in the allure of Ruby Moon. They all had an implicit purpose and place in the store. The customers were oblivious to the power that Miss Ruby held over them. All it took was a whiff of her potions to render them helpless. The aroma would seep out through the vents in spite of a few, well placed, droplets in the air ducts which permeated the air and tempted them in from the street. These poor souls didn’t comprehend why they had come to Ruby Moon but a voice in their head told them to possess this fragrance before they left the store.

Today’s fragrance is Velvet Crush which is a passionate combination of opium and sweet vanilla.

Want Some???

Thank you for stopping by Ruby Moon on a Pink Saturday.

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  1. What a fun post, I think one day "Ruby Moon" will come true for you, keep dreaming.

  2. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die they are broken winged birds that cannot fly....I don't know who wrote that but I will always remember it.
    Happy PS....and see ya at Ruby Moon one day.

  3. Hi Mya!I love your post!.fun post!Happy pink saturday!
    I do hope to see you soon


  4. Oh yes, I would definitely shop at Ruby Moon. It is so enticing.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Mya.

  5. Oh yes, please give me some Velvet Crush. Happy Pink Saturday! I'm giving away a BOX of new books. Come enter.

  6. I enjoyed my visit to Ruby Moon. I can actually smell the fragrances. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Oh, you should totally open such a shop. Or even better - write a story about one. I was truly tempted, reading your post. You've got a way with words.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Dream in PINK, it will come true one day!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Keep dreaming, never let your dreams die. Ruby Moon sound like it would be a enchanting sweet smeling store.
    Blessings, Virginia

  10. OHHH, sounds so wonderful. The name is perfect & the description makes me want to be in there all day.

  11. Mmmmmmmm, Velvet Crush! I'll take a bottle please! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. What a lovely little shop. I hope someday your dreams do come true.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  13. Oh what a sweet post! Dreams do come true dear! Love the name Ruby Moon!!! Happy Pink Saturday!


  14. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents. I think Ruby Moon sucked me in too.
    Have a great day!

  15. Mya,

    You Ruby Moon dream is fabulous. Reading your little story made me want to come and shop. I hope you will be able to make your dream come true one day.

    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  16. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I think I need some Ruby Noon products --hope your dream comes true someday soon!

    Hugs, Pat

  17. I loved the Fairy Door and Ruby Moon. Have a most wonderful Pink Saturday..and a great week. Come visit. xx

  18. Wow! You're a good writer. Loved reading your post.

  19. Sounds like a business plan no lender could say no to Mya!

  20. Hey Mya!
    Oh what a place.... I felt like I just visited your dream shop and It is lovely! Hope all of your dreams come true one day!

  21. I would definitely shop at Ruby Moon. Saving up so I could not only window shop, but purchase just the right scent. Thanks for the post. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! Hopefully I will be one of your first customers.

  22. Hi Mya,
    Did you make it to everyones blog. I sure tried but had to get a life somewhere along my day.
    Thanks for coming by and you are welcome to come stay in my bathroom anytime you want.

  23. oh mya,, it sounds like walking into a dream... and i can only begin to imagine how wondeful it must smell!!! this was so well done!!!!

  24. I love this and I would visit your shop two or three times a week. Happy Pink Saturday.

  25. ummm, i want to go to Ruby Moon! You write of an enchanting place full of scents that seem irresistible.


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