Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dream a little dream for me

Life is funny; it seems that everyone is jumping on the band wagon of doom and gloom right now. It makes good headlines and gets good ratings for the news. But what does it do to you and me?

It makes me want to just zone out and dream...

If you could control your dreams- what would they be?

Would you dream in full color or black and white, beautiful forests or sandy beaches?

Now that summer has come to a close and fall is in full swing

here in Michigan we need something hopeful- before the cold

north winds of winter come blowing our way.

Leave me some good news, tell me whats new or right with the

world in your neck of the woods.

Up lift me with your positive spirit.

Go on I dare you!

BE POSITIVE it may be contagious :)



  1. Hey Mya! You are so right girlfriend! I love your beautiful post and the picture is out of this world...I love how the sun is coming through...just gorgeous! By the way, thanks for stopping by and yeah, let's go see them cottages...sounds like fun to me! Oh, I love dreaming and I can always think of a good one! Hope you have a great day!

  2. I agree about the gloom and is everywhere. Not too much on the blogs though...or HGTV! LOL

    Beautiful post Mya!

  3. Mya,
    I won't even watch regular news due to the negative things said. I am more of a optimistic person. We can choose to worry and sad or we can be positive and be happy. It really doesn't do any good to be the first.
    I am a total day dreamer and optimist. Life is good and when we hear or see someone who has it worse we need to be truly thankful and see what we can do to help. Enjoying your blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  4. Check my blog for something our adminstrator did for the employees yesterday. That was a very positive thing. I try not to think about the doom and gloom myself. Too depressing if I think about it too much. Instead I try to look for the joys. That helps some.

  5. Good morning, Mya!

    I think some people are "called" to deal with the bad news but I am not one of them! My calling is to respond to life in a positive way.

    Good news? There's so much of it!

    I have a faithful husband who loves me! Not only that but he put together my Simply Shabby Chic book case that I snagged at the Good will!(for $30.00)

    I'm also flying to see my grandchildren next week... And all this is happening in spite of the fact that we are a lower income family in the midst of a financial crisis.

    The best good news is that God *IS* good.

    ~ Hearts ~

  6. I am so thrilled to say that my son has been accepted to the University he wants to attend! University of Arizona!!

  7. Hello Mya!

    Well sweetheart, one wonderful postive thing in my neck of the woods (in the blogworld) is your positive attitude! You are a breath of fresh air and I thank you for making my evening! It is always a joy to find darling bloggers as yourself! Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Mya This is great! What an inspiration! This beautiful!

  9. Your site is nice. I love this photograph. I wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving the kind comment on my site. It meant it a lot to me.


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