Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haunted Houses and Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween my friends. I am back from my trip just in time to wish you all a spooky but safe tricker treat.

Are there goblins outside your window or a monster at your door?

Do ghosts haunt your bedroom and send you hurling on the floor?
(What would you do if you saw this coming at you?)

(Run? Good choice!)

Would you like to pay a visit to a place where ghosts and goblins hide?
Would you need your protector to stand strong and fearless at your side?
(This is a little cottage we visited in Captiva some time ago)
(looks haunted to me)

Take a long and treacherous walk up my stare,
you can enter my doorway if you dare.
(I wouldn't it looks far too creepy for me)

Old but not forgotten to the spirits that live inside,
What a lovely fortress for the zombies that must hide.
( I would love to take a tour of old abandoned or haunted houses on Halloween night but not alone! How about you?)
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow Mya, those pictures certainly capture all that Halloween has to offer!

    Happy Halloween! Karen

  2. Very spooky indeed. Might be too spooky for me. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  3. I loved your spooky post! Very fun!

  4. Hey Mya!
    Oh girl, this stuff looks scary and fun!
    Hope you had a great Halloween! Thanks for stopping by...


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