Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Fall

baby-girl's first leaf pile

Remember those fall days when you were young and couldn't wait to dive into a fresh pile of leaves? Falling leaves, bright orange pumpkins with Jack-o Lantern faces, and the excitement of Halloween just around the corner- the simple pleasures of our youth. Take a moment this week to jump into a fresh pile of leaves, roll around, throw them in the air, and then quickly duck into the house before the neighbor starts the phone chain to let everyone know that you finally lost your mind.

Happy Fall. Pumpkins dreams and goblin wishes to you all.



  1. That is a precious photo. Thanks for the smile! I hope you frame that photo it's too precious not to come out every fall! :)

  2. What an adorable picture! My hubby has been doing the raking weekly around here to get a bag ready for yardwaste pickup every Tuesday. He has Mondays off right now and that is one of his chores for the day. While I'm at work.

  3. So adorable! Is that your grand daughter? She precious.

  4. Hey Mya!
    Your little baby girl is so pretty! This picture would be perfect on an October calendar page! It does take me back to simpler times and that would be fun to jump in some leaves. I would If I could get up enough! LOL! I don't think I'd even care if the neighbors road by and saw me...but the leaves in the Northwest Florida Panhandle are yet to do much falling....Oh how I dream of a real fall! LOL! Thanks for sharing your's and happy fall to you too!


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