Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Skip Christmas

Budgets are tight this year and the quest for the perfect gift is on. Don't sweat it readers, Mya is here to give you 3 thoughtful and even inexpensive ideas.

#1 The intimate dinner option: This is really fun when done with a group like your siblings for instance. Plan a meal and divide the entrees among the individuals contributing. Each person shops for and makes a different portion of the meal and serves it to the lucky recipient. This group can also provide the entertainment, music, after dinner foot rub, or whatever. This is what I put on my Christmas list for my poor college students, new home owner, and new parent. I can't wait to see what my children come up with and they have to clean up the kitchen afterwards. I love that part!

#2 The twelve days of Christmas lotto tree. This idea provides a little hopeful surprise or gambling to be done once a day for the twelve days before Christmas. Take one tiny tree and paper clip 12 $1:00 lotto tickets to it's branches. Wala you have 12 days of fun and somebody might actually win big!

#3 The I love you Advent Calendar. Take one 3d advent calendar and stuff each hole with a little message for the day. You could use inspirational messages, I love you because, or thinking of you type stuff. Stuff a little sweet, like chocolate in with the message and really put a smile on some one's face!

There you have it, three inexpensive ways to say I love you at Christmas. Let me know if any of you decide to use them and how they work out.



  1. Awesome ideas! I love the advent calendar idea. Too sweet!


  2. All wonderful ideas!

    Happy Holidays!!


  3. Hello Mya!! Awesome ideas! if you wanna visit my blog!I have one giveaway!



  4. Good stuff here! I like hearing your perspective on things.


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