Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow is a Four Letter Word


Is anyone with me out there? Okay, it is beautiful and makes the world soft and quiet. Yes, there is something magical about walking in a woods that has been silenced by deep snow. But it is also very wet, very, very cold, dangerous on the roads and did I say it's cold? It's not really the snow that I despise. Its the whole cold thing. Winter is not my scene. I have southern roots and can't understand for the life of me why my relatives would have chosen, yes CHOSEN, to move to a cold climate. I was born here-had no choice.

There are certain things that I do enjoy about winter and here are a few of them:

Crackling fire

Hot cocoa

The sound of snow under my tires

Tree branches frosted with snow

Cute snowmen with very fashionable accessories

Did any of you brave black Friday? I was one of those very silly woman that started at 4:00 am. You heard me right I got up and went shopping at 4:00 am. It was my nieces fault. She insisted that we start early enough to get a free Victoria Secret bag. I said do you really think they Will be out by the respectable time of 9:00 am?

To my surprise the store was packed at 4:00 am along with several other stores. We passed a few large department stores with lines circling around the buildings and no parking spaces to be had. This is in Michigan, the unemployment capital of the USA. Maybe the media has it all wrong. I heard that sales were up everywhere but somehow the media failed to make a big deal of that.

It was fun and I did survive without a nap, just lots of caffeine.

Have yourself a beautiful snow covered day or sun shiny day depending on where you live.



  1. I love winter. Nah, I don't love the super cold winds, but I do love the snow. And bundling up. And all the accessories associated with winter ... cocoa, fires, blankets, wool socks, etc.

    I commend you for braving Black Friday. As I was dropping my husband off at work that day, the traffic reporters on the radio were giving updates on what percent full the parking lots at different malls were. It was pretty funny.

  2. I never really do the Friday shopping. This year I had to work. Was off on Thanksgiving though. I have never really experienced snow much. Just the occasional trip to the mountains to play in the snow.


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