Friday, September 26, 2008

Pink Saturday; Can you hear me now?


Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. It's cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, especially little girls.

Do you remember when phones were big and immoble like this? You had to sit in the room with everyone else, maybe crouch behind a chair, to make a call. Not a lot of privacy but then we didn't spend nearly as much time on the phone as we do today. Remember the feeling of sweeping your finger around the dial? Would our kids even know how yo use one of these?

Well, here we are in modern times when everyone has one of these hanging on the side of their face at all times. I am just as quilty. What did we do before the days of instant gradification and the feeling of being connected at all times? Could we ever return to the days of a 5 pound stationary phone? I think not!

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Have a great weekend.


  1. Yes I remember the clunky phones. If the cord was long enough you could stretch it into another room. I do remember dialing numbers with the sweep of my finger too. Until it went to push buttons. Phone technology has really come a long way.

  2. I tried it and you are right. I can't do it anymore.
    We are a very mobile people now.
    Oh but those are great memories.
    Happy PS

  3. It is nice to be connected "the old fashion way" and esp if it is in the pink!

    Have a great Pink Saturday :)

  4. I think I might prefer that fabulous pink vintage phone to the cell phone! I like the feeling of talking into something a little more substantial.

    Have a lovely Pink Saturday!

  5. I would love to have one of those old vintage phone. I enjoyed your post (Looking Through the Garden Gate)beautiful pictures.
    Have a Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love your PINK phones, so cool!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. Happy Pink Saturday, Mya.

    I am loving both of the pink phones. A bit of old and a bit of new is always a nice mix.

  8. I remember the chunky phones and I love that pink one. I have a pink cell phone but I LOVE that one! It is funny sometimes I will mention about an album and they kind of look at me weird. I find it funny. Have a great Pink Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  9. Funny!

    When we moved into our house in 1997, it still had 2 dial phones that were hardwired into the wall!

    Too bad they weren't pink, I would have kept them!

  10. Oh, you took me back. I even had a pink princess phone in my bedroom. Things have certainly changed! Happy Pink-day!

  11. I do remember those phones..and giggling while talking on them with my friends..:)

  12. I have been trying to score a vintage pink rotary phone for the longest time. I love that new one. :)

    Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

  13. Good post--to answer your question--no, we will never return. Kinda sad, huh? Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. I love that pink telephone, we had one just like that only rotary style when I was a teen. I loved talking on that telephone. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  15. Yes I remember!!!what a fun! What a lovely pink phone! Happy PINKness day!
    visit me anytime!


  16. Yep..I remember them..remember when they made the longer stretch cord? Then you could at least go around the corner! lol

    Happy PINK!

  17. Very nice post - so creative and pink! Love the old pink phone - it brings back memories.

    Take care and happy Pink Saturday.


  18. It isn't too hard for me to remember those phones cause I actually have one in my living room. I found it at an antique store and had to have it. It is wonderful to have if the power goes out and my mobile phone doesn't work or I can't find it to answer it. My friends like the way it sounds when it rings too!

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! How well I remember those phones. We are preparing for an auction for my in-laws' estate and I found two old dial black phones. Your pink phone is much prettier. Thanks for the memory!

  20. I remember phones like that. My kids think it's funny that I still stand in the kitchen to talk on the phone. What is it they say about old dogs?

  21. Hi, Mya!

    Have I ever told you that i love your name? It's so pretty.

    Well, my little boy has an old fashioned BLACK phone. I wonder if I could paint it PINK?


    I'm so thankful for cordless phones for I cannot talk on the phone if there is anyone else in the room talking!

    Have a great week end!

  22. I had to laugh when watching a movie from the 60s the other night, because they used a rotary phone. And each number he dialed seemed to take forever! tee hee!

    However, I do still have two stationary phones (one is a *pink* princess phone) in my house and a landline. I LOVE my 2 stationary phones because I can still comfortably cradle the phone and talk at the same time. I almost always have a cordless phone nearby to switch to if necessary.

    But I would NEVER want to go back to those days where that's the only kind of phone we have! I like the freedom of having the cordless and cell phones.

  23. Great post! I love vintage & it's even better in pink!
    My hubby told me a story about his younger brother's friend. He had to make a phone call & went to the rotary phone & started pushing the numbers. He stood there wondering why the phone wasn't working!
    Happy Pink Saturday

  24. I remember those phones well, I had one just like that one in my room. The kitchen phone had a 25' phone cord that stretched across the kitchen. I do miss holding the phone with my shoulder while stirring things on the stove - LOL. ~ Robyn

  25. I heard an old phone ring tone on a cell phone the other day. Too funny1 Come check out my site!

  26. Good pink point! I hate it when I have to talk from the phone WITH the cord---gads, I feel TRAPPED! The rotary dials were a pain, but they seemed to be a God send if you first were a user of the phones you had to CRANK! We have come a very long way! Hope you Sat. was great! dana

  27. I saw a old phone like that last weekend at a flea market, loved it. Happy Pink Saturday!

  28. I remember those rotary dial phones sooo well. I sure would hate to go back to using them, too!
    Great PINK post!

  29. I wouldn't mind having that big old pink phone!

  30. I like the old phone and the old times much better. Thanks for the memory. Have a wonderful week.

  31. Happy Pinkness to you Mya! Gosh, and to think I've driven from the east coast to the west of this great USA WITHOUT a cellphone..LOL That was many moons ago and never gave it a second thought. Can't imagine being without the cellphone now..funny how we get conditioned to things we think we need. :o)

    Pink thoughts to you,

  32. Hello Sweet Mya!

    I do remember those days! My best friend had a PINK princess phone that I wanted!!! Have a wonderful week and thanks for the memories!



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