Wednesday, September 10, 2008

City Girl Overrun by Country Critters

This city girl needs help from some of you country folk. Ok I grew up as a country girl but I have been living in the city for over 20 years now. When I say city I mean; within the city limits but just barely. A few feet outside my yard is country; a hard wood forest, a meadow and a pond. Having clarified all of that; here is my problem.
The critters love our place we are visited by deer, skunks, coons, wild turkeys, snakes, etc. With the exception of the snakes I don't mind. Every since I bought my most recent car I have had a huge problem with field mice. They love my car. Not my hubby's truck or either of my son's vehicles, just mine.
They climb into the engine, cooling system, heating vents or where ever they can. They don't just visit they nest and reproduce. You can imagine what my car smells like after the fan belt chops them to bits leaving pieces of flesh to fry on the engine.
Sorry to be so graphic but I am really ticked off because now they have grown tired of their hiding spots under the hood.
They have moved inside to warmer and more comforting quarters.

Brace yourself for this next story. It will make your skin crawl.

I need one of these

I was driving my 15 mile jaunt this morning to pick up the princess when I heard an unusual sound. It was a chirping sound. I thought perhaps the speakers to my car were going out. Then I thought maybe a bird had gotten locked inside. Just then I saw something fall from the ceiling behind me. Two seconds later I noticed little black droppings on my dash. I quickly pulled over and jumped out of my car. Opened all of the doors and started looking for the little *#^*#!
I found a baby field mouse (with his eyes still unopened) on my back seat. I grabbed him by the tail and tossed him out. I just know there are more but can't find the *^*#* little darlings.
Help me or I will have to get one of these (below) to live in my Lexus.

Maybe I should get one of these

Not sure which would be worse the mess of an owl in my car or the smell of dead mice in my heating unit. Not to mention the filthy droppings on the seats and the fear that a mouse is going to drop on my head (while I am driving) at any given moment.

Come on country girls ...

Help out a city girl.

What should I do?

- City Girl Mya


  1. Sorry I don't have any advice for you, city girl here too.

    I hope you get some information
    on how to solve this problem.

    I got creeped out reading your story. I can only imagine how
    it was in person.


  2. Wow! That is disturbing.. I would be scared too. Maybe talk to an exterminator. I have heard of this problem many times. The mice can eat your wiring in your car too. So you really need to take care of that right away.
    It happened to my sister. The field mice chewed the wiring out of her car.
    You may consider getting a couple of outside cats as well. They really do help.
    I have 1 cat in the house and I rarely see a mouse. Hope you get this solved.
    By the way, thank you for the comment on my photos.
    xoxo Nita

  3. I heard recently about something you plug in to the outlets in your house to help get rid of mice. But obviously that won't help your car unless there is something plugs into the lighter but doesn't run the battery down. Sorry I can't help you much, but I hope someone out there knows what to do.

  4. That is a wild story. I'm sorry I don't have any good advice for you but it made for a great post!!

  5. OH MY GOSH !!! You certainly do have a problem there. Your braver than me though...I would be afraid to get into the car. I guess if I was a mouse looking for a nice home I would choose a Lexus too. I hope someone can give you some advice that will work for you.

  6. Yup! You need to become a kitten farmer! We never have trouble with mice. :>

    ~ country girl~

  7. Yikes. We have a similar problem with the larger cousins of mice.

  8. Oh Mya! My neighbor had her car ruined by mice. Yes, it was a complete write-off. It was a chipmunk, actually. It chewed the wiring in her car, then it caught fire while she was driving!!! She quickly pulled over to the shoulder and exited the car. By the time the Fire Dept. arrived the car was toast, literally. It could not be repaired.

    Her new car is parked inside the Garage! If you don't have one, perhaps you should consider it. Her car is in the garage and traps are set all around the floor. It has worked so far . . . and they better not come over to my house (two cats here might protect us).

    Hope they leave you alone soon! Karen


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