Friday, September 12, 2008

Pink Saturday; Critter Alley

found these little cuties on this blog

I thought I would use this Pink Saturday to give you an update on my critter infestation. Our lovely hostess Beverly has links to the whole Pink Saturday cast; so pay her a visit.

It all started in my previous post when I explained about the mice who have made my Lexus into their castle. I found one in my back seat while cruising down the highway. Through him out but I just knew their were more. The smell of fried mice coming from my vents was a telltail sign that this mouse wasn't alone.
So today I took my car into the dealership and explained my situation. I let them know that my car is the only one they love. Do they bother either of my sons cars that have left over food and dirty dishes in them? NO.
Do they bother my husbands truck that had a bag of bird seed in the back seat? NO.
They prefer the clean car with the leather seats that are heated no less.
Well it took those boys 2 hours to tear things apart, find the remains of the dead mice and tear out the huge nest. This in turn sent little field mice running rampant through my car and out into the dealership. The kind gentleman told me they got them and I was safe to go home but when I stepped into my car, what do you think I found. A little mouse sitting on the passenger side grooming himself. Did he mind that I was riding along? NO.
I called the boys over and they chased him out into the showroom. LOL
Needless to say I am sure that I'm not free of mice yet.
Because I stopped at Target and found the cutest black dress when all of a sudden I heard screams coming from the front of the store. Come to find out there was a mouse running through the aisles. Well you bet I checked my purse thinking they hitched a ride.
(This is all true I swear, I couldn't write this stuff)

flickr photo

Now I am really starting to get paranoid because when I was dressing in the bathroom today, a couple of little voyeurs were stuck to the window peeking in at me. (tree frogs)

flicker photo

And a giant praying mantis was sitting on one of the cars in our driveway after dark. He was as big as a mouse and startled me as I walked by.

I have always had stray animals show up at my door or my car but never mice. I have a reputation and people call me when their animals are missing because they usually cross my path. Several years ago I met a new friend and she told me her dog was missing. The very next day I was visiting another friend and the dog showed up there. A couple years later I found a friend's missing dog while walking on my lunch hour during work; he just ran up to me. So on and so forth. You get the picture. Animals always seam to find me or I find them.

FYI; The car dealer told me to put dryer sheets in my car to repel the mice. But first I have to catch the ones still living in my dash board.

Sorry so long winded but I needed to share.

Have a great mouse-free weekend.



  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe what all you were going through with all these critters. Your blog actually made me laugh. In surprise I think. I hope the darn mice eventually leave you alone. Thank you for a charming blog.

  2. That is too funny!!
    though if it were me I would be freaked out!!

  3. I can just picture all the mice,
    running out of your car at the

    I really feel for you. I hope the
    dryer sheets work.


  4. Ok, even though this post made me laugh a little, it would SO not be funny if it was my car. I am afraid of mice and would have probably wrecked the car and hurt myself or someone else, ewwwww. I hope they are all cleared out now. Good luck, and happy pink saturday!

  5. Good grief, I think you are just the Pied Piper of little critters!! Love that pink frog, though. Have a happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Those mice have great taste. A Lexus no less! Your story is too funny. It sure beats having a cockroaches in your car!
    I'm posting about my Pink RV today.
    Hope you will come visit.

  7. Ahhhhhh, so cute, I love that little guy, and your frogs too. It's a good thing that you love little critters, and I think they know it! Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  8. I just can't imagine how I would react to mice in my car. Bless your heart!

  9. Oh, Mya, you have me laughing. You were very brave. I know I would have been freaking, and I probably wouldn't be brave enough to get in my car. I wonder if any of the little critters that escaped at the dealership made their way into other cars. We might be having a mice run on Lexus.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. Love your post, very funny.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  11. (shudder) I would not like that! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Oh my, what a tale!! I feel for you, because we have similar troubles, only it's with the bigger cousins of mice! Yuck! Our mechanic even writes on the paperwork "Troubles with Mickey!"

    But you have good humor about it, and now your car is mice-free! Happy Pink Saturday - time to treat yourself.

    Maybe we'll try the dryer shets - good idea!

  13. Oh no! Oh no! Mice terrify me! I run screaming from the room. I'd probably cause a crash if I saw one in my car. Eek! I hope your problem is gone. You must be the Pied Piper of animals!

  14. Oh, this is too funny. Perhaps they will find a safe haven for the long winter ahead, and not your car, to groom in. Love your pink frog. Have a wonderful day.

  15. OMGoodness...don't know that I've ever heard of mice moving into a car. hmmmm...wonder why...nothing there to eat, right?
    I would be so freaked...I hate them!
    Funny posting and I sure hope they are GONE now.

  16. now if all my mice looked like the ones on your blog i would not ind so much but your poor dear, all those critters seem to like the best. i am glad you managed to stay safe on the road with all that excitement.

  17. Oh my word! This is too funny, but not. I would have been horrified! I hope you are rid of your mice! Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Oh dear, you do have a problem! Gosh I have no advice, but to maybe call an exterminator company and ask their advice. Moth balls might help? I think I read somewhere but then, you wouldn't want that smell in your car! Keep us posted and Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Hi Mya, great mice story!
    My car wasn't running right, lifted up the hood and a rabbit jumped out, I brought it to the repair shop to see if the rabbit ate any wires and left it there, he called me and said the big rat they found was eating my wires too, but the worse thing was the possum that jumped out when the mechanic was fixing my car.....
    I can really relate to your mice in your car. Mothballs keep all the critters away from your car!
    Love, Ann
    PS Love that pink frog!

  20. You poor thing! Couldn't you just "borrow" a cat? Let her tip toe through your car and around it and any remaining mice will hit the high road!

    Ah... Country living. :>

    It was nice to see you stop by my blog, Mya!

    ~ Hearts ~

  21. Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

    Lovely, lovely PINK post!
    Adorable critters and mice!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  22. Oh....critters! Ew! When we first bought our house a year and a half ago, we had a huge issue with some critters. I thought we'd never get rid of them...but we finally did. I wish you the best getting rid of yours! :)

  23. You need CATS! When we moved to Florida we discovered that citrus rats lived in our community because it used to be a huge orange grove. They weren't in our house, but I didn't wait for that to happen. I went straight to the Humane Society and got a cat. We never had citrus rats in our yard and our neighbors didn't either because she was an excellent ratter. I'm sure you know that the snakes get rid of mice, too. That's why I don't kill them if they come into our yard. Snakes are yucky but rodents are worse!
    Good luck,

  24. I hope they got them all. Although mice don't scare me like snakes I still wouldn't want them dropping from the ceiling or fryin on my engine. Yikes! Your window is ENCHANTING!

  25. Oh how funny....but NOT!! I'd just die if I were going down the road with a mouse IN the car with me!!

    These mice just have style....only a Lexus will do!! LOL

    Hope you are soon rid of your problem. Reminds me of a REBA show I just saw last week where she had a dead mouse in her car engine! Yuck!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  26. Well, Mya, I have to tell you I DO NOT ENVY YOU!! Nuuuuuuuu way do I want any little mousey critters hitching a ride in my vehicle or my purse!
    Do you want me to send my "pest control" man over? I also have two terrific kitty kats that LOVE to chase little varments! Just let me know! Dana

  27. Oh, how I feel for you and hope this is resolved by now! We had persistent raccoon guests in our attic. (I used to think they were so cute...)

    Your blog is cozy, charming, and refreshing. (I think you're the Mya I found about a month ago, but I deleted my old blog of "Emerald Eyes" {and forgot to record the links-duh!)

    Lynne (aka "Gel")

  28. oops- typo in my new link
    BTW, I adore the photos you take to enhance your blog!

    Lynne {**}

  29. Your post is Too Fun! I just can't imagine having fried mice in my car! Great read! Thanks for sharing.


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