Monday, September 8, 2008

Enchanted Window Party

Happy Monday and welcome to The Enchanted Window Party sponsored by Cielo from The House in the Roses.

Thank you Cielo; what a lovely idea for a party.

my window at sunrise

Windows are the soul of a house because, just like our eyes, they capture the light that surrounds us. I love the way the light of day changes our view of everything. From sunrise to sunset the light can change a scene or our mood in an instant.

my window in mid-morning

A beautiful window, wavy glass, and the color of light is all I need to inspire my mood. It is difficult to capture the light just right, but when you do, it's pure magic.

my window at sunset

Sunset is a special time of night that bathes everything in a peaceful glow. It's amazing how the view through one window can change drastically with a little time and light.

The light in my window is dramatically beautiful but it is what lies beyond the window that most inspires me.

I love this little pink cottage and the cute little windows that are enveloped in Bougainvillea vines. Just perfect in a very quaint sort of way! I wish it was mine!

My very favorite thing about summer is the way the breeze of an open window blows the curtains across the floor and breathes life into a room. Sometimes it seems as though the room is living and breathing right along with us. Again the light filtering through this window is magical.

Thank you for visiting me. Hope you can visit the window parties in Blog Land today.

I will be thinking of all of the beautiful windows while I whimper in the dentist chair today.



  1. Your window photographs are spectacular, and the perfect music too. I love that first window and view. Your selection of windows is enchanting, and I love that pink one! Karen

  2. Great post, love all the windows and all you wrote about it. Beautiful!
    Blessings, Virginia

  3. Lovely post Mya! Such pretty windows you have chosen to share. Gorgeous!


  4. Such a wonderful post and original perspective!!

  5. Hi sweet lady! Every light is more enchanting on that window... I felt in love with it the moment I saw it.... so very gorgeous! :) My sincere THANKS for participating. I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.



  6. How beautiful are your pictures!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Hope to see you at my blog too...

  7. Hi Mya,
    Your photos of the windows are beautiful as always.
    Hope your week is wonderful.

  8. i loved all of your photos! xoxo nita

  9. I am under big impression!
    Beautiful and great post!
    Thank you for sharing!

    My best wishes to you
    Maria from Poland

  10. Enchanted window, my lovely chick! Your princess is adorable also! ;-)
    Trying to get to everyone's windows and it's taking me 2 daaaaaaaaays!!!!!!! Aaackkk!!!

  11. Hi! What a beautiful views. your windows are so nice!amazing pictures

    visit me anytime...

  12. Your windows are just beautiful. I am really amazed because your field is similar to my field. Thanks for taking the time to visit my window. Hope you have had a lovely week.

  13. Hi Cielo sent me. I wish I had an idea what to do about your mouse problem. Can you cat spend a few nights in the car? Or, Perhaps you could just sprikle a little used kitty litter to scare the mice away.

    I adore that pink house. I want it! But lets not fight over it--can we share?


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