Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking Through the Garden Gate

There is something about a garden gate that compels you to look. You must, at least, take a peek at what lies beyond the garden gate.

Even the plants know the secret and are willing to help protect it by obscuring your view. It must be a secret so special that you are willing to risk it and sneak past the entrance.

Some secrets are rare or just too good to keep. All gardens are beautiful in their own way but a gate makes them more alluring in your minds eye.

Temptation lies in the mind of us all and we can't help but take a peek at the secrets that lie beyond the gate.

I love a good garden gate it peeks my interest and adds an old world charm to my view. Everything looks much better and much more intriguing when seen through sturdy wrought iron.

The details and design of the gate speak volumes about the place that it protects. The guardian of our lives make the world a more beautiful place and keep the secret alive.

While taking a walk past this hefty gate would you dare to peek at the secrets that hide behind it? Would you bend down and peek through the windows or would you be strong enough to pass by without a look?

This post begs the question; what secrets lie behind your garden gate?

Just a little playful eye candy for a routine Thursday.

Have a great day.



  1. A lovely post. I like to do jigsaw puzzles and some of those pictures would make fun jigsaw puzzles. I hope you have a happy Thursday too.

  2. Oh my!! No one would want to go behind my garden gate!!..hee hee..
    I work alot on the inside of my house but not so much on my yard!
    Im afraid of spiders!!!

  3. I'm afraid to say.....weeds;) lol, Love that post! Such beautiful photos:) Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon:)

  4. Those are such lovely photos. What a beautiful and intriguing post!

  5. Hey Mya, I just love garden gates too! This is such a beautiful post. Hope you have a great week!


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