Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink Saturday meets The Women

Happy Pink Saturday.
Girls Night, We saw the new movie; THE WOMEN

It was witty, fun and oh yes, Meg Ryan still looks fabulous!
This movie has met with mixed reviews; I would give it a 6.5 out of 10. Based on the girly humor and fun. My girlfriends said it was okay. I found a link to The Vault Blog with movie clips and relationship advice.

Unlike Sex in the City there was no sex or outrageous outfits. Just relationship troubles and true girl bounding. A definite chic flick to save for girls night.

Your hubby may want to see the movie just for the spritzer girl :(

Not the kind of chic you want helping your man with his Christmas shopping.

Bet Midler was as fun as usual in her short appearance. She played a ganja smoking wacky talent agent.

Four fabulous friends; what else could a girl ask for?
Girlfriends always keep each other in the vault!

Don't forget to visit our Dear Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for links to the the blogs in the pink today.

What good movies have you seen lately?

This post is dedicated to all my girlfriends out there. Friendships are special cherish them!


  1. Thanks for the movie review. I was
    interested in the movie, I like
    the cast.

    Another Chic Flick I saw recently
    was Mamma Mia. I really enjoyed it.

    The music was fun!


  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Mya. The weirdest thing just happened. I could have sworn I saw a comment from you on my post - just a few minutes ago. But, now it has disappeared. Please don't tell me I am crazy.

    I am hoping to see this movie. It has a lot of my favorite actresses in it.

    Now I'll go away and wonder if I am loosing "it". ;-)

  3. Hi! what a nice movie!Megg has a new look!she is so pretty! I will watch soon!




    visit me anytime

  4. Looks like my kind of movie.
    Hope to see it soon!

  5. i'm hoping to see the movie soon-it looks like fun. have a great pink week!!

  6. That seals it! I'm going to go see that movie! Thanks and Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Looks like fun !! I went and saw that " Burn before Reading" yesterday. It was Weird. lol !! Happy Pink Saturday !!

  8. I want to see this movie!! Maybe I can wrangle up some girlfriends to see with me also:) Thanks for sharing:)

  9. That looks like fun! I'll check it out. And wow, doesn't Bette look fantastic?

    Have a great, girly Pink Saturday!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Thank you for the info, got to see this movie...Love Bette, she is hilarious!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. I'm hoping to see this movie. Thanks for the review.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  12. Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen from introduced me to Pink Saturday and today is my first day participating.

    Your pink post today is very nice and I love your blog!

  13. I'll have to see that movie. Bette Midler looks so cute with her platinum? hair. I haven't been to a movie since the latest Batman. My hubby owes me a chick flick. LOL
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  14. I have been wanting to see this one! Thanks for the review.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday Mya! Thanks for the review on this movie! Sounds great and if is not rated R I am on my way to see it! We all need a GOOD chic flick now & then!


  16. Friends are indeed one of our most important treasures! Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Hi Mya,

    I want to see that movie now!

    I'm "Grammy" too (just love that name...sounds warm and fuzzy). I love your pics of the precious princess!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  18. Hello Mya, I haven't seen this movie yet, thanks for the review!
    Love ,Ann

  19. I've been wondering what this movie was like! Thanks for sharing what you thought of it.

    I scrolled through your other posts. The one with the dogs dressed up was hilarious!

    Ewww on the mice in your car! Were the people who worked on the car able to figure out how they were getting in and plug it up? I think I would have been totally freaked. I'm sure if I had that same problem and saw a mouse while I was driving that I would wreck the car. I guess that would be one way to get rid of the mice! lol


  20. Looks like a really good MOVIE!!! I can't wait to see it!!

    Thank you for your well wishes and prayers for Mila, I have posted an update on my blog for her. I hope you are doing well my friend, MISS YOU!!



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