Friday, January 18, 2008

Breathing Room

AHHHH, it is so nice to finally feel like I can breath. The weight of my heavy stress has lessened tremendously. I still think about the reasons that I left my job on and off all day, but I don't have that feeling of impending doom spill over me. As I said in my first post...
("change is good, right?") I will eventually get around to writing about my reasons for leaving my job.
Today I feel as though I own my life again. I am a person with my own thoughts and free will. Sometimes I think we forget about free will. We get so wrapped up into what we are supposed to feel and we forget who we really are. There isn't really a lot of room for free spirits in this world today. How does this happen, what really shapes who we become and what is a normal life or the American Dream? Is it the media, or is there some big conspiracy plot to keep us down and make us become working robots, no matter what the conditions, just to squeeze out every bit labor they can out of us so that the privileged can lead the life of their dreams? I know I sound just a little crazy and it is much simpler to explain than that. I guess we can blame ourselves and the lust or greed for more. The days of simple just aren't enough anymore. Life, liberty and a designer handbag is more like it.
That's okay because for now I will just take life simple, clean out my closets, and if I want to just breath.....

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