Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Witch in my Closet

At last I found her, the one, the conspirator of all things amiss. She has been cluttering up my life for so long. Keeping things askew. Locking up all of my lost treasures and keeping them hidden from me. She peers at me with those piercing eyes holding a death stare. Her long matted hair clings to her face like a doll left out in the rain. Her craggy face looks so old that it could burst open and crumble to the floor like ashen dust. Where did she come from and how long has she been there? This must be the reason I have been afraid to open the closet door. It wasn't because I knew that when I opened the door it was quite possible something would fall and hit me on the head, rendering me unconscious for the rest of the afternoon, or that I would have to face the fact that every time I finished with something that I wasn't sure what to do with, I chucked it in the closet. No, I am quite sure that it was the witch. For it is she that is to blame for my unorganized ways. She kept me frightened and unable to deal with all things unsettling in my life. I now must face her, removing objects from the closet one by one until I reach her at the back of the closet. What's that? Do I hear her evil laugh trying to taunt me back out into the light. I must be strong and organization will prevail. Slowly I work removing one object at a time. I tell myself that she is just a lonely creature trying to cling to the hope that her evilness will keep others under her wicked spell. Yes, I am quite certain now that it is her who has kept me down for so long and locked my soul in the closet with the other misfit items. I continue to work very cautiously, always keeping one eye on the witch. I began to realize that I am not afraid and that I too can have things kept neatly in their place.
Okay, so I had a little fun with my imagination while cleaning out the closet today. Sometimes I do think clutter in our house is a sign of clutter in our life. Getting rid of excess baggage in the closet may also help us to rid ourselves of unwanted feelings in our life. Perhaps this little imaginary story has deeper meaning in my life? Yes, the witch really is that ugly! I haven't yet decided what I should do with her. Got any ideas?

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  1. I better not say what I think you should do with the ugly old witch. It isn't nice;]


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