Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Knows

A few years past while on one of my many junk collecting trips, I found a statue that I just couldn't live without. There she sat like the keeper of a secret, all knowing but tight-lipped. She appeared to be a goddess from another land with her royal headress and suggestive attire. I thought how beautiful she would look in my garden of lillies and roses. She was perfect and she was mine. Shortly after arriving home from my trip I placed her in the front garden for all to see. She held a tiny pot that begged for something, but what? I decided to leave her there with an empty pot until I could decide what the perfect filler would be. A few days past and I visited the garden to pick some fresh blooms. It was then that I discovered that someone else had decided the filler for the goddess pot. It was so curious to me that somebody would feel the need to complete my statue. It must have been the seductive way she sat there with that all-knowing look on her face. Someone had felt compelled to toss a few coins in her pot. Just as if she were a fountain worthy of granting their wish.

Time passed and the coin stash grew. Although I tried to catch the culprit, they remained annonymous to me. As winter approached I brought her up onto the porch so that the frost would not settle in and break her regal shape. Thoughout the winter her stash remained the same, leading me to believe the coin contributer must have been a passer-by. One spring day my son was leaving for school and realized that he needed some spare change for his morning cola. He reached into her pot and scooped up a few coins and went on his way. That night his life would take an ugly turn. While on his way to a friends bonfire party he was involved in a near fatal car crash. This left him with a broken back, collasped lung, concussion and many other less serious injuries. After a lenghty stay in the hospital he returned home. On his pass through the porch and into the front door he remembered that morning and the change he snatched from the goddess pot.

It wasn't long and this story became well known to most everyone that entered our home. As you can imagine the pot soon began to over flow with loot. Although tempting no one ever dared to take even a single solitary coin ever again. When our house was for sale even our realitor and some house lookers contributed to her stash.

Today she sits in the office on an asian trunk with that look still on her face. She has a secret, kept deep within her stone figure. It is so obvious to all that-she knows!

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  1. Ooooooo.... Stories like this... I can't understand why some people want to believe to a world without mysteries and secrets and Gods... It's much more interesting with!


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