Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Girls Night

Family is essential and the most important thing but friends are priceless. Friday I spent several hours with my former work buddies hooping it up at a local bar/restaurant. It was great fun and sad at the same time. We said our goodbyes and then vowed to get together again soon. Great plan but usually doesn't happen. Faced with this situation years ago when my middle child graduated and my friends were his friend's moms, I decided to make sure that we stayed in contact. This is how the "Black Bag Bitches" were born. BBB's for short. Yes I know the name, who would want to be called Black Bag Bitches? Well, this was purely by accident. We couldn't come up with a name that fit. But one of the husbands starting referring to us as the BBB's because we always passed on a black bag to the next hostess with all the contact info and girl's night ideas. So you know where the black bag part came from as for the bitches, well I think he meant it in an endearing way. Don't you? Oh well, the name is beside the point we have a great time together. Sometimes we just get together, do a little wine tasting and complain. Other times we indulge in a craft project. We have gone on big shopping trips, girls weekend at the cottage and sometimes we just eat. Whatever we do it is a great way to spend a monday night and very therapeutic. I would love to start an artsy group, to share projects with. Maybe I'll work on that with all of my spare "Breathing Room" previous blog.
Has anyone out there joined a friend group? What do you do? Is anyone out there? I don't think anyone can find my blog, help!

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  1. You didn't mention that you are the founder and mentor of the bbb's! Don't sell yourself short...and as for the career...you my dear deserve far better than you received. There is something amazing waiting for you on the horizon...you'll see...you've earned it.


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