Sunday, February 3, 2008

Free To Be

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like to do as you feel and feel as you like. The freedom to say what is really on your mind. The right to wear whatever feels good. The luxury of not doing anything at all if that is what you choose. Instead we must plaster a Mcdonalds smile on our face and say have a nice day to the people that we would least like to see have a nice day. We must dress for success and always be age appropriate. We drag ourselves out of bed to go to a job that we hate and that does not really reflect who we are inside. We kiss up to the boss in hopes of a fat raise or early promotion. We pretend to be interested when our friends tell us how great little Bobby is for the twelfth time in only a week. We come home every day only to put in another full day of work by making dinner, spiffing up the house, running the kids to soccer, helping them with their homework and then reading them a lovely story before bed.

What would happen if we all just suddenly became true to ourselves? What if we did what we were truly meant to do? No more wondering if your neighbor really liked your dog or your girlfriend loved the way you dress. No worries about whether your husband finds you funny or you guests love your decorating sense. Everyone would speak their mind at all times. What would the world be like? Could we handle such candor? Would this make it easier by taking they guess work out of our decisions? How would you feel and who would you be? Do you know your true self? Are you in touch with what is really inside? Do you have an inner muse? Who is she and can she speak for herself/or for you? What would really happen? Would our world suddenly become an unbearable place? If everyone ate what they wanted and said what they thought, would we all be a bunch of size 10 bullies with bed hair, wrinkled clothing and really really bad breath? Or would the world turn as it should without the stress, envy, greed and pompous act. Would this cut down on disease and self inflicted ailments? I wonder could we live in that kind of place and if we did who would we be? Do you know your true self? Who would you be? What is the first thing that you would do or change about your life? Ha, made you think didn't I? Take a moment and let me know what you think without the sugar coating or pompous act please. Just the real you. Can you do it?


  1. Okay, Mya! You have made me think. I want to try it - for one day and see what kind of a mess I get myself into. I loved the blog!


  2. I really really really am working towards being my True self. It is not always easy. I don't think people in general are prepared for the truth. But it is an amazing concept!! ;)

  3. It's a lot easier to be your true self once you are older and have retired! I'm at that point in my life. Now I can stay up all night, if I feel like it, sleep late, go to the bathroom when I need to, or get a drink, or eat, or just walk outside, if I want to. I can stay in my nightie all day, wear comfortable clothes, and go barefoot. Paint, write, or just watch tv, when I want to. I can be with friends or enjoy solitude, and do not have to deal with angry parents, teenagers, or bosses in order to put food on my table and have a roof overhead. I just wish that my income would increase with the expenses! 8>))
    When people start to put pressure on, I can just back off and relax.
    My youngest grandson was asked at school what he wanted to be. He answered, "Retired, like my grandma!"
    I just hope that he will be able to find a career that will allow him to do what he loves, be himself, make a good income, and enjoy life. I think that he is a lot like his grandma. Has a lot of anxiety about being out in the public, and loves being at home.


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