Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Whose Skin are You In?

Well, "Free to Be" (previous post) was kind of an unrealistic idea. But I do think we can take this concept and use it in moderation. I like the idea of being real not only in personality but in our life's path. So many of us live our lives in someone else's skin. (Just a second while I check to see whose skin I'm in). We never give ourselves the opportunity to realise our own dreams. In a perfect world money would not play a part in our choice of career paths. But we all know that most of us live a far cry from a perfect world. I wonder if, we were allowed to choose our life's work and still make an adequate income, would we suddenly be happy and fulfilled? I think we could as long as death, disease or some other unfortunate event didn't rear it's ugly head.
This all came to light because of the recent change in my life. I was thrust into reality when a new boss took over and turned my life inside out. It made me realise that people put on such a false pretense of who they really are. Maybe they have a false sense of themselves. It made me wonder if we really know ourselves at all? I wished that I could have portrayed my true self and feelings, instead of playing nice. The reality is that we are all so afraid of being rude to another person, that we will get into an elevator with a perfect stranger, even though we feel uncomfortable and our instincts are telling us that this is not a good idea. We do this because we are afraid of being rude and hurting someone's feelings. The truth is that no other animal other than a human will do this. They all follow animal instinct not animal etiquette. I don't condone rude or mean behavior, but I do think that we do need to take a stand for ourselves. I did not stand up for myself in my most recent plight. When I was backed up to the edge, I jumped. Yes, I do have a few bumps and bruises but they are healing slowly. Although this was a drastic measure, it allowd me to leave with my dignity and itegrity intact. I am sure that something wonderful will come of it. (You can't see my fingers crossed behind my back;] ) I may have bent up my ego and my dignity a bit, but they are still there. I do wish however I had been able to speak my mind and say how I really felt rather than playing the nice girl, now last in line on payday. Oh, I forgot, I'm not in line yet.

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