Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day OWOH Giveaway

This is it the big day! But, before I reveal the big winner, I would just like to say what an absolutely wonderful and beautiful event this is to participate in. I have had a great time and learned so much. All of you talented bloggers and artists out there are such an inspiration to me! Thank you again Lisa for hosting such a special event. Now the moment that you all have been waiting for, well at least some of you, the winner of my "Pretty In Pink" wreath giveaway is....Kecia of "Lemoncholy"s Flight of Fancy". I'll email you later, Kecia.
Thank you to all who participated. I hope you come back and visit sometime. I wish you a very special Valentine's Day! Okay, I know the picture is bad but I just wanted to send you off with a Valentine kiss. XOXO -Mya


  1. Hi Mya,
    I am happy to say you are the second winner of my OWOH giveaway:)
    Please send me your adress and I will put a surprise package in the mail ASAP.
    Thanks for joining! Monique

  2. yipee, i'm excited i won!

    xoxo kEcIA

  3. G'day Mya,
    Sorry you didn't win over at my place ArtsyFran won my colourful picture collage but I wanted to thank you for dropping on by and being a player - it's just been so much fun ... OOroo ... Bethel

  4. hi mya, i don't see an email for you, so here's my info:

    kecia deveney
    1606 oxford lane
    wall, nj 07719

    thanks so much!
    p.s. your blog isn't that bad!
    and yes, she will help you out. just click that link on my blog and email her with any questions, etc. her name is trudy.

  5. Oh my goodness! My name is also Mya! That's how it's spelled on my birth certificate. When I went to college I began to change it to the true ethnic spelling of my name: Maija.
    What a small world!


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