Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can You Feel It?

I lost my favorite picture today. I lost my muse. I need to touch down on a warm spring day.

Ahh spring, new life, fresh start, warm and bright. I need to see something spring, black soil, green shoots, new blooms. It's all right, it's on its way. In my mind I am walking in the sun, on the beach, the breeze is blowing softly across my face, the water is gently rolling in and lapping at my feet. I bend over and pick up the most beautiful shell, I marvel at it, put it in my pocket. A treasures from the sea. I am walking through the meadow with wild flowers bursting in full color at my feet. Into the woods I go though the moss covered trees. They are alive with new life nesting. Yes this is spring. I can feel it coming. My desires are not only wishes. I found my favorite picture, I found my muse, but I am still dreaming of spring. I feel like a new soul reaching out into the light. My roots firmly planted and my shoots are beginning to break ground reaching up to the sun. Warm on my face. Can you feel it? Bottle it up and share it with the ones you love.

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  1. My favorite picture that I have is the one of my cat Scratch that I posted a couple of days ago. He was using me as a scratching post and then he reached up at me with his paw. If I were to lose that one, I'd be heartbroken.


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