Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open House

Here is Fayrose waiting for the open house party to begin.

The inside is complete with dining set, dishes, paintings, and cutains.

The Studio Pink cottage is complete! I finally finished my sneak peek (earlier post) project. This little cottage comes complete with curtains, paintings on the wall, tiny furniture, and little fairy Faerose (made from polymer clay with flower petal wings). Faerose is ready for an open house party and has some photos to share with you. She is very excited to spend her open house with all of you. She tried to party with the big man of the house and he just wasn't into it at all.

Sometimes I do wonder what our husbands think when we get so excited about all the girly things we make. Mine hasn't said too much, yet, but I know he would like me to go back to the 9to5 thing with some real cash flow. I have been off for a month now and I am loving every minute of it.

Faerose thanks you for taking a peek at her new home. My new project is a keepsake box with Faerose's friend, Ladysparkles, on top. I hope to have this one complete in the next day or 2.

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