Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tea Party

Saturday afternoon was tea with the ladies. The lady in the above picture was the best dressed babe in the house, a little stiff but her hat was gorgeous. This was something new for me visiting a tea house with a few of my friends. The host and hostess were an older couple who had been collecting victorian antiques for about 20 years. The house was full of victorian flair right down to the mannequines in victorian dress. We learned about victorian etitquette, like it is rude to raise your pinky while drinking tea. The tea was okay but the scones were to die for. We had little cucumber sandwiches and other salads and desserts. It was a good time and we behaved like proper ladies except for a couple of loud outbursts from Ms Pam and Ms Janet tried on an antique feather hat when no one was looking.

One of my favorite things in the house were all of the antique valentines throughout the house. I am not a big tea drinker, give me a good cup of joe over tea any day, but it was a nice change. The best thing about the trip was the new antique shop (Somewhere in Time) that we discovered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They even carried a few antique valentines.

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