Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Girl The Mission The Dentist, eeehhhh

Okay folks I am going a little easy on my self today. I have to go to the dentist and you know what that means for me. Well maybe you don't but here goes. I have to finish a crown (not the queen kind) and have another root canal. All of this means heavy medication for me. Remember I don't even like to have my teeth cleaned and I hate pain. My dental phobia is starting to kick in about now. In order to get me in the dental chair and start poking and drilling (ohh I can hear that drill now) I have to be medicated. Did anyone say wimp? Right here... do you see me waving my hand?

The really good thing about the meds are that I feel relaxed and can't remember a thing including the pain and sound of the drill. The bad thing is that I can't remember a thing. So I have to have a driver and a babysitter. I have been known to buy things I don't need and find them the next day only to wonder how I got them and then worry that I have become a shoplifter. Or put things away and never find them. Say things fifty times or forget to do what the dentist told me because I wasn't in my right mind when they told me. Yes, its bad, but totally worth it because it gets the job done painlessly and without several days of anxiety.

Okay so my mission for today is get a few pages of my manuscript done, pick up the house, and survive the dentist. Then I will veg out and try to stay out of trouble.

Can she do it? Yes she can!

Yesterday's mission impossible was pretty much a success. Most of the decorating is done and I completed 5 pages of my story. I will let you know how my dental adventures go.



  1. Hey Mya, I find that a Dentist with a TV on the ceiling (right above the chair) really helps. You get to tune out and just stare at the screen. My dentist has DVDs and you can choose what you like. I find it does help. Good luck! Karen

  2. Good luck with the dentist. I hate going there too.

  3. That is so funny! My good friend goes through exactly the same thing, she takes xanex before going to the dentist, then gets gassed at the dentist, then talks her grown daughter into taking her shopping (every time!) and never remembers a thing! Her daughter has realized that this is a great time for mom to buy her great things so she finds odd purchases on her credit cards...mysteriously all dated for the day of the dental appt.!
    Hope all went well! karen....


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