Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Mission and Day Zero

The girl, the mission, the task, the impossible and day zero.

Okay blogging buddies that is if you are still out there. I have gotten terribly distracted and need a new mission to carry me through my daily blog posts. So new plan. Are you ready. I will (try to) post daily on one task that I need to or will (may) accomplish for that day. Notice that I am a realist and say things like: try to, need to, or may accomplish.

Well aside from all that, this is my new mission and it starts with today; day zero. I will keep you updated on my progress of completing the task. Remember I am very easily side-tracked. I may need your help to keep me focused, decisive, and completely on task.

Okay the task or mission impossible for today is to take my newly outlined manuscript from an outline to at least ten typed pages. It won't be much, probably 7 thousand words by page 10 but it is a start.

Ready Go..........

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  1. Good luck with this. Hope you finish what you want to start. I have the same problem often. Finishing things I have started.


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