Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Girl, The Mission, The Secret

Are those my shapely legs and firm behind?
What do you think?

I'm back after a long weekend. I have accomplished very little since we last spoke but I'm alright with that. On the very top of my mission list today is to find a really awesome recipe for a salad that I haven't made before and shop for the ingredients before my hair appointment this afternoon. I always end up with salad duty for family holidays. Not really sure why that is? Oh yeah it's probably because I'm really not that good at cooking.
Well I did promise a secret didn't I. Yes well here it is: I am really kind of liking this whole unemployed thing and I'm not really searching all that hard for a job. Shhhhh!
Not that I could find one in Michigan right now anyway. You remember in years past that around the holidays most retail stores had help wanted or now hiring signs in their front windows? Well not this year. Nope, notta, at least not in Michigan that is. I told myself if I saw one of those signs asking for temporary help-I would apply. Well I can't say that I am too disappointed. True I am a little bored but I have my writing projects to keep me busy. Oh yeah, my latest novel is off to a kind of slow start but I'm working at it.
I'll let you know if I find any really killer salad recipes and how my hair turns out.
By the way I am on the prowl for any fun Christmas Day activities or themes for this year. if you have any great ideas please share. In the past we have had ornament or white elephant auctions with the money being donated to charity. It is fun and giving at the same time but I am looking for something new. What does your creative mind have to say about this?

Wanted to share my fave You Tube video and song Yeal Naim



  1. Well, I am inclined to think they are not yours. Actually I think they are fake legs in the window. That would be an uncomfortable pose. I don't know who would want legs hanging out their window. Now I hope you are not offended if it turns out they are yours. Right now I don't have any bright ideas on the Christmas Day activities or themes. Good luck with continuing on your novel. I hope that goes well for you. In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. They are my legs and firm behind.......


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