Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Mission Day Two

Day one of my mission of completing the tasks I set out to do each and every day. Including posting on my progress daily. To understand my nonsense see day Zero/ previous post.
Today's mission was to finish my Christmas decorating and yes I am a bit early this year but upcoming family festivities warrant that this is done before Thanksgiving. Blah, blah, blah and having said all of that here is a snip it of what I accomplished. My theme this year is a little girl's fairy tale tree. Everything on the tree is either part of a story book fairy tale or a girl-like fantasy.

Christmas Tree up and decorated-check.
Okay I cheated a little there because I put it up and did most of the trimming this weekend but I am still counting it!

Wreaths completed and hung. Check- Check Both wreaths were existing pieces that I made years ago but they were in dire need of sprucing and adding a few new bedazzles here and there. The little elf above was part of my Christmas as a child. He sat on a little ladder going up the tree. He has a couple friends hiding on the other side of the wreath. Hopefully my sister doesn't see this or she will be ticked that I ended up with them. At least I hope so. I love it when I win the sibling rivalry thing.

The fairy door is decked out for the Holiday's with a tiny wreath and gifts on the door step. Check No I don't really believe in fairies, well at least not until I see one slip through the tiny door on my porch. I just want to keep the neighbors guessing and scare away the door to door solicitors.

My two feet tall bugling angel is in place, she is gracing my granite counter top. Check
I just love her. Picked her up at Home Goods- gotta love that store! She is gorgeous but hard to photograph- she is more beautiful in real life.
Doesn't sound like much but I did a lot more than I mentioned here honost, plus I had to chase the princess around.

Okay as for yesterday- Day Zero's task. How did I do? Well I didn't get 10 pages typed but I did manage 7. I now I have 10 typed pages. Slow progress but it is coming and sounds Damn good if I do say so myself :)

Til' tomorrow when The Girl- The Mission- and Day Two begins.



  1. Wonderful, creative tree decor and great music!!

  2. hey, even if you didn't get 10, you did get 7. Can't knock that. Something got done and that is what counts. Hang in there!


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