Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Save the Planet

One thing on my wish list of a must do before I die kinda thing is to join an expedition with an organization like Earthwatch. http://www.earthwatch.org/exped/sullivan.html
This link goes to an expedition in the Bahamas.
I would love to help save the planet and learn something in the mean time. I have always been a crusader for nature but I really don't set a very good example. I don't recycle very often and I am a wasteful consumer, but maybe I could do my part by contributing in another way. There are many expeditions out there to many different countries and I am sure that you would meet the most interesting people. Can you imagine spending the day along the beach counting sea turtle eggs or hiding out at night until they hatch and helping them find their way to the sea safely. Then documenting all your data and go back to your little beach huts for a clam bake, guitar music and chat. Well this how I romanticize it. I do wonder though with how pricey these trips are, does the money really go to the cause? What do you think?

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