Thursday, March 27, 2008

Special Guest Host Today

This is Melrose your guest host for today's blog entry and she would like to give you a quick make-up lesson. She thinks she is quite the glamour girl. Alright, Melrose says to first start with a mosturizer, all over your face and then... well it's just easier if you go to this five minute make-up application video on YouTube...

There, wasn't that easy. I bet you look great, too. The next thing that Melrose would like to present is the latest dream journal she has been oooing and ahhhing about.

It would get done a lot sooner if she would just keep her hands off of it. It may look a little creepy but it is kinda cool. Of course this is the opinion of a doll with oversized eyes that change color with the pull of a string. Did anyone have a doll like this in the good old 70's? I didn't but even big girls can play with dolls too. hee, hee


  1. I just joined a blog group for Blythe lovers, and we are making a "fat Book"!! It's hosted by Heather Simpson Blum...have you joined? Would you like to?

  2. Hi Mya,
    I didn't realize until just now that I didn't have you on my list of fortune cookies! I did the feature on your work and forgot to add you to the list. That has been repaired now! Did you read the really nice comments people left about your work on my blog? I hope that they came here and said "hi" too.


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