Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks Cookie Sunshine

I am so excited my blog and Etsy store were featured on "The Cookie Sheet" blog site today. To check it out go to She is such a great lady and features different blogs quite often. What a fun place to learn about other people and what they are up to. She also has a weekly treasure hunt. The picture of Baby Girl is so big and beautiful on her site.
The new journal is done. I love it! I also played around with a new tiara tonight. No starfish and no tulle just swarovski crystals. I still have a couple of adjustments to make I will get pics up tomorrow.
Isn't tomorrow the first day of spring? Yeehaa! I know not so fast this is michigan.
Has anyone ever tried Gyrotonics? Check it out at
I saw it on the Rachel Ray show a while back and I would love to try it. It looks awesome kinda like sincronized swimming. If anyone has tried it please comment and let me know what you think.

Have a great snug night on this last night of winter for this year anyway.

Goodnight ;)


  1. Hi Mya,
    Thank you for the very sweet comments. I know that you are go to be a favorite of a lot of people in no time. If you go back and check the post on my site you will see that everyone loves your hat, and your lovely granddaughter. Please keep me posted on your new items.

  2. Dear Mya,

    I have your new career for you. If you're drawn to it, you should definitely pursue Gyrotonic. Let me know if you found it yet.

    Warm regards,


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