Thursday, March 13, 2008

Studio Pink is Open

It is official Studio Pink is open for business.! It has been a week now. A very long week of late nights but "We are here, we are here" as the Who's in Whoville would say. I have made 3 sales and a couple special orders. Fun fun, but no profit yet. It has only been a week but I am impatient you know. I love my latest creation. It is a starfish tiara for a beach wedding.

The beach sounds wonderful about now doesn't it? I will be there soon. Less than 3 weeks.

Whew hew!

It has been sooo fun taking pictures for all of the merchandise and baby girl has been quite the little model.

Visit my shop please and if anyone reading this know's how to change or put a new blog banner on this blog site please let me know. I have one ready to go thanks to my sis but I am not sure how to load it. Help me!


  1. What a beautiful little girl! I love her hat!!! I'll check out your shop after I finish this post. Good luck with sales!

    I'm making the rounds and saying hello to my OWOH fellow bloggers. It's so much fun with the rush past us.

    Also, I'm inviting you, if you have the time and are so inclined, to stop by and play Cookie's Treasure Hunt. This week I'm giving away my collage "Contemplation in a Parallel Universe".

    Sending good wishes you way for happiness and lots of customers too.


  2. I'm back to say that I would like to feature you on my blog. If you are interested, please send me a photo that is about 6 inches wide, 72 dpi.


  3. Good morning! I've added you to the list of blogs to visit =) Also, if you go to there's instructions for installing a banner. Have a lovely Thursday. Blessings... Polly


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