Monday, May 19, 2008

Art Lovers in Paradise

Spring time in Michigan means East Lansing Art Fair.
This year was fabulous, not unlike any other year.
The weather held out, despite the Weather Man's threats.
The above photo was taken in an alleyway.
East Lansing is an artsy kind of town and you find art in many unexpected places.

I had to start out by showing you my one and only treasure from this past weekend. I really wanted several fine art prints but my budget wouldn't allow it.
I love, love this little concrete piece. It is composed of 2 of my most fav things Fairies and shells. I love the color too. It's just sooo sweet.

Don't you think?

Here is another piece that I adored but didn't buy. I would love to pick up a few concrete molds and try making some pieces myself. I have made the English planting troughs using dish pans as molds. Does anyone know this craft or know where I could buy the molds?

Just love the rustic look of this booth and frames. Each frame had a unique quote and image to go along with. Great rustic charm.
Unfortunately I didn't catch this artists name.

Yep, that's Johny alright. I knew you would love this. I was so in love with the purses in this booth. The Artist's name is Virginia Story. Her email is She does a fabulous job and as you will see in the next pic, has so many to choose from.

Her business is called Rock and Roll Recycle Purses. They really are well made and quite beautiful. Some are done from album covers and others are Rolling Stone magazine covers. I used wonderful restraint walking away from this one.

A few of the booth's were set up as unique as the people
attending the fair.
There were some buyers out on Saturday.
This women had quite an armload.
Lucky girl.

These artists are block printers and their prints are so unique.
They are Wendy and Marvin Hill
and their web sight is
I loved the 2 mermaid prints, one in a blue/green and the other in a chocolaty brown.

I couldn't believe the detail in this metal work. It was spectacular. The colors are so rich and perfect. I do love some modern art and this would be something I could hang in my house. The colors go with my stone floors. This artist was busy with customers so I am sorry that I don't have more info to pass along to you.

This next artist is just so talented. He is just awesome, he has been published in National Geographic and he has an Etsy store. His name is Jonathon Shuff.
You can find him at
Check it out he has a lot more to offer.
His work really is beautiful and his prices are very reasonable.

I think his prints have a mystical quality to them.
Love them!

This artist is Benjamin Frey and his collage work is incredible. It has such a wonderfully layered look to it. I would love to hang one of these pieces in my studio/office. His website is
It would be worth a visit to his sight.

I love the color and the subjects used by this next photographer. There is a romantic feel to his photography. He shoots a lot of beautiful flower and shell close-ups .
I love the pinks and purples in his flower subjects and the shells are shot in a very serene white. Beautiful! The pics below show a series that he took that is just too cute.

The flowers are exquisite and the frog is incredible. Patrick Hyland has a web site that you really must see. I only featured a small fraction of what he has to offer. You'll love the rest of his work as well.
Visit his gallery at the link below.

This artist has quite a sense of humor not only in his art but he is quite funny to talk to. He lives up in beautiful Empire Michigan
along the lake shore.
His sculptures are metal and most are very large.
This frog was really a show stopper.

I got such a kick out of this lady leaning over the big toad to read his book along with him. The detail and color in Ron Bearup's work is quite incredible.

I just loved the color and texture in this flower. The little fish dangling down in front of it added the perfect touch.

There was a lot more than art at this affair. The international food court is wonderful and the live entertainment adds the ambiance.

The East Lansing Art Fair is certainly worth fighting the crowd and the difficult parking. There is a little something for everyone. The pictures I featured are a very small sampling of the kind of things that you might find.

Hope you enjoyed your short tour of the Art Fair. I had a great time.
I have learned not to listen to the weather forecasts for Michigan
because it changes at least every 5 minutes.

Thanks for visiting me today.
Let me know which art piece is your fav.


  1. Joy @ The Vintage RabbitMay 19, 2008 at 11:04 PM

    My favorite pice is the pices that you bought!! I would have totally bought that!! It looks like you had a wonderful "eyecandy" day!
    Smiles, Joy~

  2. Joy @ The Vintage RabbitMay 19, 2008 at 11:41 PM

    Oopsy!! Sorry about my spelling!lol

  3. thanx for sharing your ART weekend with us some fab STUFF i could have bought a fair bit budget allowing.

    have a lovely day.
    chriss x

  4. Oh Mya, what a fun place! I love the frog reading a book, so cute and funny, lol!

    I LOVE the piece you bought!! That is so sweet!!!

    Thank you so much for the sweet email :) i am so enjoying my tussie :) It is beautiful!


  5. wow! what a fun place! I love its!! all pictures are so cute! I hope you in my party!22 nd!

  6. Wow, great job with this post and I love the little fairy!!

  7. Wow- really enjoyed the visual tour.. you have great taste and style;)


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