Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What You Love About Your Home Virtual party

Welcome to this virtual home party hosted by the beautiful Marina Capano. Check out her wonderful blog on interior design "Only Cute Things"

Marina is not only an accomplished designer and painter she has her own t.v. show Via Marina.

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Welcome to my cottage style home. I altered this pic, thinking that I might put together a little series of images from my home and photo shop them into drawings or paintings.

Come on in my door is always open. I have put together a few pics of the things I love most about my home. This is the front door that I painstakingly stained over a 3 day period. The pink wreath is one that I made for my daughter's wedding. It brings a little hint of spring/summer to the door.

I so love my marble fireplace. I knew what I wanted when we were building this house but I just had to find it. While shopping in a little warehouse for granite counter tops, I came across some crates unopened. Well, being the curious sort that I am I looked inside. I could only see part of it but I knew that this was it.
I found the piece that hangs over the mantle in the Ballard design catalog.

The little vignettes along the mantle are some of my nature finds. Shells and feathers under a glass cloche.

This is the view from my living room wall of windows. A big meadow out to a pond, backed by woods. This view is the reason we bought this property. The deer geese and occasional fox or coyote all in the city limits. Love It!

My little cottage garden still in it's early spring stages. It is still quite cold here at night. I have a few perennials that have popped through and I Planted annuals in my giant urn.

Love, Love my little French garden cart. It is just perfect for carting around my garden plants or tools and it makes an awesome display piece for blooming plants.

My little potting table which at this moment holds a few pots of herbs and my left over sea shells. I love to go out on my deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and dig around in the dirt a little.

This old table belonged to my grandmother and I love it's rustic charm. It fits in my little dining nook just perfectly. Add a couple lounging chairs and a bunny or two and its the perfect spot for a morning coffee or a good book.

My house is full of little vingettes tucked here and there. This one is a kneeling angel with little sea trees, moss, shells, worry stones, and clay mushrooms all under a big cloche.

Here is my handmade chandelier. I really wanted a big and bright chandelier but the building budget was busted. So I found this rustic candelabra and added a lot of sparkling crystals with a glass tassel at the bottom. The bees wax candles are no drip. Cheap and fabulous.

Here is a cluttered corner of my studio where several of my princess and mermaid crowns are scattered about. I use the iron dress form to hold a few dream catchers, necklaces and tussie cones.

I just love my little dressing table that I found at Home Goods a few years ago. I am so glad that this store is 2 hours away or I would be in real trouble. I may even be spending time in a shoppers rehab for over stimulating the economy.

Here is another example of my collections. The glass frame box on the pedestal is one that I made from 6 picture frames, drawer knobs and a vintage brooch. It was super easy to make and can be filled with what ever treasure or holiday theme you like. I have mine filled with shells for summer. Thanks to HGTV trash to treasure for the design idea.
I love art on the walls. This painting by Orlando Raphael Quevedo, titled "First Kiss" spoke to me. I think it is the way he incorporates movement into every piece and especially the way he uses works of art from other famous artists in his paintings. I have 2 of his pieces and would love to someday add to my collection.

No home would be happy or complete without the presence of family and our little furry companions. This is my sweet girl doing what she does best, sitting at my feet ,under my desk, while keeping a watchful eye on the studio.

Thank you all for stopping by my virtual home party. Please visit our hostess Marina and drop in on the other love your home parties.
Don't forget to write.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend :)


  1. Your little cottage is charming. I would like to transplant your view and garden to my yard. I am a big fan of little much loved vignettes in a home. Your's are oh so nice. It is these little individual touches that make our homes unique. Loved your tour. Thanks.

  2. Your home is so gorgeous, and I especially love all the ornaments in your house and in your garden. Karen

  3. Mya, your home is beautiful!! i just love the views and your garden is gorgeous!


  4. Hi Mya,
    Thanks for the tour! You have a lovely house and I loved all the little descriptions of each - really good!

    That French Market Cart is lovely, the garden pictures are really inspiring, maybe I'll go dig in the dirt myself for a while. Oh yes, and your view... the best!

  5. Good morning, Mya! thank you for letting us inside your lovely cottage... I'm very impressed! Love your garden and garden statuary, that amazing view from the window to your back yard; everything so charming.... I'm glad I've found you because now I will come often and pretend I'm there with you... :)

    Have a lovely day


  6. Hello friend, I love your house,this is beautiful,and your decorating is extraordinary,I go very often and visit, greeting.

  7. What a beautiful home….
    Love the garden view and your dog is
    adorable … she looks like a real sweetie..


  8. I love your marble mantel too! Your home is very elegant but still radiates warmth...just beautiful! Cami

  9. I loved this many beautiful things to look at!
    Your music is great too and your little pooch is a cutie-pie!
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  10. It's all gorgeous! Love those lounging chairs by your Grandma's table, just beautiful. And your yard is amazing. I'm green. But alas my thumb is not. All of it is too beautiful. Great tour.


  11. beautiful!
    the very pretty door
    a greeting from Argentina

  12. Your home is so lovely! I enjoyed looking around!

  13. divina esta tu casa decorada y tu jardin es precioso

  14. Wonderful, everything are beautiful.
    Bye, Ángela

  15. I have liked much all the house, is beautiful! thank you very much to show it! a great kiss!

  16. Hi Mya,
    I really enjoyed the tour of your home - beautiful fireplace and view from your window.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very kind comments.


  17. Just beautiful Mya, I love the French market cart, and the views from your windows a stunning, and love all your vignettes through out your home.

    Thanks for visiting today, and kind words. I'm having fun at this party.


  18. Hello Mya,
    Your cottage is so lovely...I love the view into your back yard garden it is amazing, thanks for sharing and
    taking me on such a wonderful journey. Pinkie Denise

  19. hi! I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. I have been very busy! well, at the moment I am enjoying your house! its perfect! I love your house!!! its so cute!
    by the way! thanks you for your nice comments about me! thank you for participate in my party!

  20. I love your home!!
    it is so charming and elegant but not stuffy or museum like.
    looks like a wonderful place to call home.

  21. Your home is absolutely stunning! The fireplace is to die for and Ballard Designs if just fabulous.



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