Thursday, May 1, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday Road Trip

Fasten Your seat belts we are taking a trip.

To the beautiful west side along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Took a road trip just for you. I have so much to share with you. I want to show you the fun and funky side of Michigan. The west side of the state is not only beautiful but a mecca for art lovers. The two places that I will feature today carry everything from architectural salvage to art and antiques. They are a bit out of the ordinary, which means that you just never know what you might find there. So sit back and enjoy the ride. After our trip check back with
Studio Pink
to see the other exciting stops on the Show and Tell Sunday posts.

The first stop was Amsterdam of Saugatuck along Blue Star Highway. This is my fav place to hunt for treasure. the proprietor of this shop Michael Mains has wonderful style and great connections.
You can browse the shop on line at

Come on in I have the keys.

Amsterdam is an eclectic mix of art , science and antiques.
There are two buildings and a large yard full of unusual treasures.
This store has items to totally redecorate a house or revamp a corner.
You decide.

Here is a collage of some of the things you might see. There is a massive crucifix that hangs in the back of the building and two large stone cats to guard the shop.

I had so many pictures uploaded to my original post that I used all of my blogger memory.

This left left my post in a frozen wonderland and totally unusable.

Unfortunately I had to collage many of my pictures and down size the pixels a bit.

To get a close-up view click on the images to enlarge them.

This is a wonderful vignette just outside the main shop.
I would love, love to have this mirror. It is absolutely stunning!
The merchandising of this store is fantastic. It gives you such a great sense of what you can do with your new purchase both indoor or out.

There are more dishes than you can imagine. I love a table set in all creamy white dishes.
Simply elegant. I wonder if Martha shops here?
Furniture, paintings, mirrors and many oddities can be found at Amsterdam.

Who doesn't need a wonderful blue gazelle for their home?
The wrought iron tables with marble tops. Love it! I'll take two.
They have everything you need to complete your decor both
indoors or out.
This giant glass bottle would be an awesome piece to reflect light in your garden or next to a reflecting pool.
Every where you turn there pots and urns scattered around the grounds, too many to count.

Candle sticks, pots, angels and oh, more creamy white dishes. The color of the pots and other dishes are endless. This group of celadon pots is wonderful.
The black palm chair would be perfect in a urban loft or any other modern home.

Here is another sampling of what you will find. I know some of you would love to get your hands on those large wooden dominoes for your art projects.
The bugs in resin cubes are fun too.

I just loved the turquoise colored Chinese Lyons.
They were really quite beautiful.
Can you believe the impressive display of white cake plates
and other dishes?
It is simply amazing.

I could have spent all day at Amsterdam but it was a long drive
and I had to move on to the next stop.

Thank you, Jeff for being a wonderful host and allowing me
to photograph this awesome place.

With so many things behind me and yet so many things to photograph ahead of me. I was on the move down the road a few miles to South Haven Michigan,
but first...

I had to make a quick pit stop.
MR. Mya made sure to record that one.
After this stop in the town of Saugatuck it was down the road to
The Sunset Junque Shop.

The Sunset Junque Shop is located just north of South Haven on Blue Star Highway. The link to their web sight is
The shop proprietor is Ray Melinder.

This place is as much like a museum as it is and antique/art stop.
It is unbelievable the variety of things that you might find here.

I know, I know aren't these statues fabulous.
There really is a huge variety of things
but as you will see I am kind of stuck on my favs.
I love architectural salvage and you guessed it, statues.

This place goes on forever and ever. It has a huge and I mean huge lot with many out buildings all filled with unusual treasure. Everything you could possibly imagine from large to small they have it all. Okay, I had to throw a rhyme in somewhere.
Just look at the that wonderfully distressed green iron work.
Simply awesome!

I told you they have a little of everything. Even a boat with a fair maiden attached.
The salvaged doors are wonderful.
Couldn't you just see that vintage urn in your herb garden?

I may have to go back.

More doors, statues and iron work. Love it!
The buildings were full of merchandise too.
But as I said blogger is a bit stingy with memory for each post.

I did manage to snag a little treasure in between shots. I brought home an iron mermaid, to sit among my shells, from Sunset Junque and a couple strings of turquoise beads from Amsterdam.

I managed to make a few beautiful necklaces for Studio Pink.
Only one made it to the shop though, my wonderful girlfriends snagged the others.

I hope you all had a great trip. I so enjoyed this assignment. It gave me a great excuse to visit my favorite area of the state and indulge in a little shopping therapy.

Hey it's good for the economy, right?

If any of you are planning a trip to Michigan or live in state,
I highly recommend a visit to both
Amsterdam and The Sunset Junque Shop.
You won't be sorry you visited,
just be sure to tell them that Mya sent you.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by.
Don't be shy, leave me a comment :)



  1. You sure saw some beautiful items. And when we go shopping, my husband says, we are doing our part to boost the economy! Hope you boosted it well!!! have a great weekend.

  2. Mya,

    WOW! What a fun road trip. My daughter is moving to Michigan, so I need all the great shopping places to go, when I visit. Thanks for visiting my Pirate Princess
    xo lidy

  3. A fabulous trip!! I would have been in salvage shopping heaven...thank you for sharing your excursion with us! I love the goodies you found for your self too!

  4. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun!!!!!~ Amazing pictures!

  5. Oh, I just love all of those huge, gorgeous doors! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such beautiful shops and vintage items. I love the old doors! Thanks for sharing! Take care. Di

  7. Wow! Love the road trip. I sure had FUN and I know you did!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  8. Love the look of that salvage shop! Mr. PinkStudio would enjoy that one!
    Thanks for playing along today!
    ~Cerri xo

  9. Amazing pictures Mya, I love the bare feet photo LOL. I could make an entire holiday into treasure hunting (if my kids were so inclined). Wonderful stores ~ thanks for sharing.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  10. What beautiful pictures and so many too look at. Oh, now I want to be, fun, fun.



  11. Hi Mya,
    Those look like a couple of fun shops. I'll have to check them out next time I'm over that way. If you ever plan something for Michigan bloggers...count me in! You know, I'm kind of new to blogging...I've never tried to find bloggers by state. Can you do that? Well, at least I know you're here! Thanks for sharing your shops.

  12. Ah ha! Now we know where to get our very own figurehead! And I *need* that flamingo lamp for my bathroom!!!

    I don't get to shop like that anymore so it's a treat when others share their treasure hunting trips :- )

  13. Wow! I'm going to have to put your area of Michigan on my list of places to visit some day! Those shops are great!

  14. FAB road trip Mya!! Thank you for taking us along! I cant wait to visit these when Chad and I go on our anniversary getaway! Love everything!!


  15. gorgeous pics!! wonderful shops!! xo Britt

  16. Lovely shopping to be had there , a few things I saw and like:)

  17. Mya,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Ireally enjoyed your road trip. What cool places. I enjoyed your music too. You and I come from two different world's, but we sure do have alot in commom. I visited your state in Dec. of 2005. We actually bought a horse trailer on ebay and had to pick it up there. I loved the little art work at the top of some barns. Wahat's up with that. I would love to know more. Shanda


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