Saturday, May 31, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday "Is It Storage or Clutter?" You Decide

It's that time again... Show and Tell Sunday
Our hostess today is the beautiful Cerri from LittlePinkStudio drop by her place to link up with the other Show and Tell fun.
Today's topic is where we store our treasures or supplies.
Did we really have to go there? Very Scary!
As you will see I am a use what you have kinda girl.

I just wanted to say that luckily no one was hurt in the making of this post. You know falling closet debris in all.

Gotta love my Shabby Chic baskets. They are wonderful for storing almost anything. I keep them in the Grand Princess/guest room they fit in perfect with the decor. My only room that Mr. Mya let me go a little shabby chic with. The princess was my excuse.

I fell madly in love with this cabinet from the moment I saw it at a garage sale. I ran to it and almost tripped my sister on the way. Sorry sis but I'm younger and faster :) It is hand painted and so cottage chic. LOve it!
No I won't show you inside this cupboard. Something could fall out and injure you.

Here is a jar full of vintage jewelry and pieces/parts. I really love old jars with lids for storing my odds and ends. It helps to be able to see things since they aren't perfectly organized and labeled.

This iron dress form started out as a spot to hold my Marie Antoinette princess crown but after that sold , it has kind of collected a variety of projects. She sits in the corner of my studio. My studio walls are a very deep red maple but I would love to go soft pink. Hummm, That would require a few coats of paint and a furniture change.

This oriental hope chest sits in my hallway and holds a few odds and ends. On top of the chest is my books on sea glass and pottery shards.
I collect both and the urn holds some of my shell and shard collection.

This jar trio is a little cottage series with birds and cherubs. Perfect for more little pieces/parts. They are standing on top of a wooden basket.
I would love to have a wall of open shelves to house everything in plain sight. In stead of trying to remember where I stored what.

My table in the studio, filled with a few completed projects and a couple in progress. The table is covered with pottery shards that I collected while traveling in New Brunswick's Bay Of Fundy. Very awesome place to travel and collect pottery and glass from the sea. The surface isn't even and I grouted in a few cup handles too. It was a fun project that took me a few weeks to complete.

This is what lays beneath the table. A big blue trunk and a couple boxes and clay head. Did I mention that I use what I have for storage?
No fancy shelving unit here.

My parents made me a peg rack a few years ago. I usually change it with the seasons but right now it is stuffed with items from the my Etsy shop.
Someday I will get organized, I promise.

Warning Warning... Watch out for falling debris.
I can't believe I was brave enough to show you my flower closet.
Very Scary!
I think I will take a peek at your space for a little inspiration.
If you have any organizational tips leave them here.

Thanks for stopping by the studio. Have a fabulous Sunday.


  1. Hi Mya,
    Just so you know: thee Shabby Olde Potting Shed LOVELOVELOVEs your flower closet!
    Beautiful post! I loved it!

  2. Love the Shabby baskets, the dress form and the cabinet is to die for!!!
    Thanks for your comment, btw! It's a pleasure to meet you!

  3. Hi Mya, Love your post. I feel the same way . . . didn't even open my closet door! The shabby containers with the roses are gorgous!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  4. LOVE the shabby cottage in the first picture! I'd love to see a close-up of that. And the jar trio is wonderful -- I have had a lot of fun filling those jars. I just wish I could find some more.



  5. Very pretty. And open shelves are AWSOME. I couldn’t live without mine.

  6. gosh.. I love your studio.. and every craft project you have on the table..

    thanks for coming to my page and nice to meet you too..

    have a super day!

  7. Oh Mya! Your storage looks so organized and put together to me!!! You should see my little craft spot (yikes!!) I lovethat little cottage! And your flower closet! You have so many pretty things :)


  8. Oh, hoe very fantastically shabby! Thanks for letting me visit! Thanks for visiting my space!


  9. I always think I should post: "HARD HAT ZONE" to the entrance of my studio!!! Love yours! So much fun stuff! And I have a bunch of shabby baskets from Target. Rachael Ashwell clearance is something I'm all about!

  10. Hi Mya...Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment on my post about the elderly. I now have my Show and Tell Sunday post up, a little bit on the late side...I love all your creative storage ideas!...Take care, Katie

  11. I can totally appreciate your "falling debris" warning! Just LOVE your iron dress form... wherever did you find that? It's wonderful!


  12. Great storage ideas!
    Thanks for playing along today!
    ~cerri xo

  13. Everything looks so cute! Storage for sure! No clutter here at all...we creative types NEVER have clutter...its always something we keep cause we know we can use it...some day!


  14. believe me when I tell you that your storage is beautiful if you saw mine you would really shreiek in horror!!!

  15. Everything looks so yummy!

  16. Everything is wonderful!! And thanks for showing your flower closet... I have several closets that attack you when you open them (shhh)!!


  17. Love your cabinet!!! I would have tripped my sister too.(hahaha) Your dress form is beautiful I want one!! Love your glass jars!! Everything is so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing.


  18. karin@creativechaosJune 1, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    Of course their is a fine line between clutter and storage....but I usually like to ignore that line! Great photos, Mya! I love the iron dress form!

  19. Love all your stuff! For a minute I thought you were somehow posting pictures of the stuff at my house.
    The Shabby Chic baskets from Target, the glass jars, and even the blue trunk! LOL! And you flower closet looks very orderly to me. Happy Day!

  20. I loved all your crowns & tiaras...they're beautiful! Really like the jar trio too...that looks great! Cami

  21. THANK YOU for showing us the closet! Mine is quite the same and you were far braver than I! Some marvelous ideas here, and I really enjoy your work! Thanks for inviting us to visit! (Good move with that cabinet!)

    And thanks, also, for visiting The Marmelade Gypsy and for your comments!

  22. Hi Mya, love your post. Being a "cleaning freak." as I am, I understand your views...

    thanks for stopping by my house in the roses and adding me to your blog list... see you soon


  23. So happy to see that others have the great organizational skills that I have, I just blame it on being artistic.
    Thanks for stopping by-love your blog, sounds like we have a lot in common. I'll put you on my favorites and stop by again. Please visit anytime.
    Take care, Kelley

  24. Hi Mya! THAT isn't scary at all ~ you must NEVER ever see MY closets! I like how you store your pretties! Thanks for sharing!

    Angelic Accents

  25. Oh, yes, forgot to say how much I ADORE your iron dressform!! I have a new mania for dressforms!!

    Angelic Accents

  26. A revisit, being a fellow Michigan person! I'm discovering more of us! And I STILL love the screen the best!

  27. Hi Mya! so cute post! you are great artist! Also my dear you have just been tagged by me, please come over for the details and play with us. xoxo

  28. Hi Mya
    Thanks for stopping by. Your storage places are gorgous! I don't know what my favorite is. The dress form, the armoire, your jars... Heaven
    Thanks for sharing

  29. Gotta love those simply shabby bins-they'll hold anything!
    to answer your question-I consign with a shop in the city.
    Have a great day,


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