Saturday, May 24, 2008

Show and tell Sunday "China Heaven"

Show and tell Sunday Once again. Today we show off our favorite dishes. Love, Love my dish collection. I have so many but I choose to show off only a few. It was a little difficult carting the dishes and the Grand Princess out to the garden for our photo shoot.

Thank you Analise for hosting show and tell today. Be sure to pay her blog, Sugar Sugar a visit.

I love all of the wonderful details you find, top to bottom on vintage dishes. My little sprite looks pretty happy in the garden on this beautiful sunny day.

We're set for a little tea party among the trees.
All we need is a princess.
I love to set a table or bench, in this case,
with beautiful white dishes, white linens and candle light.
There is nothing more elegant.

The perfect little spot to sit for tea, a good book or a little bird watching.
I couldn't ask for a better spot except a little less poison ivy. Thought I might see the princess over here.

I so love this cup. It is so detailed and dainty. It makes you want to hold out your pinkie with tea. I learned, recently at tea party that I attended, that it was actually considered bad manners to hold out your pinkie in Victorian times. Who Knew?

The roses on these shabby chic dishes has to be my fav. Creamy white background with pink roses and gold trim. Perfect!

This blue bird covered dish is one of my favorite garage sale finds.
The colors are so soft and beautiful and I love blue birds.

I have had it for 3 years but have not used it for serving food. I just keep it filled with dried roses from the garden.

Here is another shot of my favorite tea cup and little rose plates. The plates are the perfect size for a chocolate cupcake or lemon scone. Yumm!

Took a quick shot of my Stangl tea pot, sugar bowl and my very cute owl creamer. So sweet and all from the 50's.

Another quickie taken of my grandma's electric tea pot (still works) and a couple sugar bowls. The sugar bowl to the front is part of my Blue Ridge hand painted pottery collection that I didn't photograph.

What would a china collection be without a little Blue Willow. I love it but this is my only piece. It is a beautiful platter in perfect condition.
I can't believe that I have collected only one piece of these old beauties.

Oops, here is another pic of this gorgeous tea cup and saucer. Can you tell it is one of my favorites? Love it!

These tea cups and saucers are my favorite Stangl pieces. The colors speak to me. They are not your dainty little English tea sets. Stangl ware has a chunky feel to it. The finish is so soft and creamy.
I think it screams romantic home.

I love to add shells and vintage brooches with fine china, to my table scape's. The lighting through the trees really does make an elegant shot.

This spot looks like the perfect place for a princess.
Don't you think?
I know, I know this was supposed to be about my china collection but everything, including my photo shoots, just seems to turn into art or a story.

Ahh, There is my little Grand Princess. What would a tea party be without a princess? She is so yummy sweet and the best piece in my collection ;)
Love her!

Thank you for stopping by today.
I am wishing you all a very safe and beautiful holiday weekend.



  1. Hi Mya. Your collection and baby princess are so adorable! I love the pink flower crown. Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday! Di @

  2. That's one tea party I'd love to be at, and I'm sure Baby Coe would love to come play with your princess! Thanks for sharing your pretties!



  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I love your teaparty-setting. It looks so gorgeous in your garden!
    Your little princess is a real doll, what a cutie!

  4. you have some very beautiful pieces. have a great day xxx

  5. Your tea party is adorable, so is your little princess!

  6. Thank you for going to all that trouble! I love it! The baby especially :)
    That bluebird piece is worth a lot of money, you know?
    I have the owl creamer :)

  7. I just love your china and the ways in which you have showed it off!!! I have the same owl creamer, but mine is blue. Your little Princess is simply beautiful!!! Blessings

  8. As always your princess is stealing the show! =) But that teacup with the purple stripes in pretty amazing too. Blessings.. Polly

  9. Very pretty, both the princess and the chna! Gorgeous collection.

  10. Stunning collections and a gorgous little flower princess.If only you could put her in a swap......
    Warmest regards
    x x x

  11. Lovely Mya, Beautiful photos and stunning china. What a lovely tea party you host!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  12. Your pretty collection is "almost" as pretty as your little princess!

  13. love the pretty blue birds on your dinner ware.Beautiful collection!

  14. Your fairy grand princess is beautiful! She had to be included!

  15. Hello Mya,
    I loved seeing all your beautiful dishes wow so pretty...But that sweet
    doll at the end, she is such a beautiful princess for sure..Thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

  16. Hi Mya~

    Great photos in your garden! So inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing your collections with us today!


  17. The floral china looks so pretty in a garden setting and of course your daughter is just precious. The seashells are so pretty on the Blue Willow--I have a big platter that I should do that with--a nice summer look.

  18. What a pretty collection - the blue bird dish is definitely a find! What a unique piece. :)

  19. A photo shoot! I'm not worthy!! Love the Stangl.

  20. Oh Mya! What a beautiful post! The tea party is fabulous! I love the little garden chair spot too! I would love to come to your home for tea :)

    And your sweet granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous in that picture!! What a doll baby!


  21. Wonderful your china.
    And your little princess looks very
    Have a nice day Regina

  22. Love the bluebird dish and that little princess is still so sweet!

  23. Adorable pictures ~ adorable post ~ waaaay too adorable little Princess!!

    Thanks for sharing all!

    Angelic Accents


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