Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Reflection

My Mother's Day weekend was wonderful and here are the beautiful people that I spent it with. This is a picture of my extended family on our annual Mushroom Hunting/Mother's Day weekend gathering. We had a fabulous time.

Here is my beautiful daughter and her beautiful babe taking a much needed cat nap. This is her first Mother's day. Can't wait to see the creation she is working on for me for Mother's Day. I will post a pic when it is finished.

Don't you just love this dress form? I've been wanting one for a while and now and my cleaver little boys pulled a quick one on me with the help of their sister my sis and my cousins. They were very sneaky taking it out of the very shop I was in, while I wasn't looking.

Here are the little darlings all grown up.
So cute. I know they aren't that little any more. But they will always be my little darlings anyway. Thanks boys.

More treasures that I picked up while at the mushroom retreat. Did I say this was a mushroom hunting trip. Well sometimes I spend more time in the shops than in the woods. I have a few projects in mind for these little beauties. I'll let you know what develops.

My niece provided a little entertainment for the family. My Mom and Baby Girl are enjoying the music. She really does a beautiful job singing and playing the guitar.

Last but not least is, my baby, who was awarded the trophy and crowned The Mushroom King for 2008. It was not a banner year for morel mushrooms but he did manage to find quite a few. It was a wonderful trip and the thanks goes to my Aunt who always plans and arranges all the accommodations for everyone each year.
Thank You Auntie we couldn't do it without you!


  1. Mya, your trip looks like so much fun! What a beautiful family you have! Your boys are cuties :) I LOVE that dress form, I am so Jealous!!! I want one so bad! What sweeties to get that for you! And you found some beautiful things on your trip!

    I am ready to purchase the tussie whenever you have time to put it up :) Thank you so much again for holding it for me!

    I am glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  2. what a beautiful family!
    and your granddaughter is just a little angel!! beautiful!!

  3. Wow, It sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day and a beautiful family. What a lucky lady you are!

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  5. What a gorgeous family you have! It sounds like your day was wonderful!

  6. Wow, Mya - so nice to see the pics. It really was a wonderful weekend.

    Love, sis

  7. What a lovely day you must have had!!! The picture of your daughter and grandaughter is priceless.. truly beautiful!


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