Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Dresses Carrie Bradshaw, Anyway?

Could this be you walking down the streets of your home town?
How many looks would you get. Well maybe you live in New York City or Los Angeles or somewhere that this is a norm.
I came across an article on ivillage for Sex and the City looks for less.
Now I will admit I do watch the show sometimes and I do like to see what Carrie is wearing but I don't think that I would or could ever pull off any of her looks.
I mean really that flower alone would suffocate me and the shoes, well I'd feel like I needed a sword and shield to fight off the dragons.
Before we get into their suggestions for Sex and the City looks for less, lets spend a moment in the garden.
It is finally starting to come together after a couple of days of hard work.

This is a dry river bed that we put in shortly after we built the house. It was kind of necessary because sometimes, after a heavy rainfall, there is a stream that flows through it. We have since then been planting and collecting rocks to go along it. The problem is that the deer eat half of what I plant. I am trying to stick with plants they won't eat.
I love Lillys but unfortunately so do they :(

Peony flowers are my absolute fav of all time. This is a peony tree flower. I would prefer pink but couldn't find it in pink, only red. I do have a pink peony bush but it doesn't do so well in my soil. This tree Peony has really thrived. Love, Love it!

My second fav has to be Roses. This is a climbing rose. It is new this year. Roses don't usually thrive here either but I keep trying. I have very sandy soil around my house. I needed to bring the soil from my last home along. It was fantastic for growing anything.

Things are coming along and if the weather cooperates and stays warm I think that I will be over the hump. My lavender is a little slow this year. Not too sure what's up with that. I can't have a garden without lavender!

Okay back from our blogging break. I do have to say that I like this dress and I might wear it minus the blue thing and the shoes Carrie is wearing , Well, I don't think the shoes are my style. The alternative dress that they show is from Forever21 and retails for $27.80 but the shoes are from BCBG and sell for a whooping $295. I do like the BCBG shoes, but really how many of you spend that for one pair of shoes?
For that price I want a foot massage and a pedicure.

Okay, this outfit is a little more like it. Love the brown. I think I would lose the gloves though.
i village compared Carrie's clutch to this one from
Chineselaundrybags I don't see the similarity and I wouldn't spend $78 dollars for it. Would you?

Here we are back to the crazy dress with the giant flower on the chest.
I just really don't get the dress or the shoes. The dress looks dressy but the shoes and hand bag scream biker chic. Is this art? The comparison they made was this dress from Forever21 which retails for $19.80. I don't think they have much in common other than the color white.
Great price but not my style.
The shoes are from Urbanoutfitters.
I can't see me in those either.
Well, that's all for the fashion fun.
My girl friends want to go see the Sex and the City movie in a couple of weeks.
I will let you know what I think, of the clothes and the movie.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


  1. I really enjoyed this post!!
    My favorite flower is a peony!!

  2. I am a Sex And the City FREAK!!!!! I LOVE that show and cant wait to see the movie! I love Carrie's style. I think I would actually wear some of the things she does! She always looks so cute :)

    GORGEOUS pictures of your flowers gardens! I am jealous!


  3. I rather look at your beautiful garden and rock river than Sex And the City... what a waste!

    Have a happy day...


  4. Joy *The Vintage RabbitMay 27, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    I never got into Sex and the city!! Maybe I am a nerd..but I love your garden and I love the dry creek bed...I would like to put one of those in my yard..just for looks! I love Peonies..can't grow them in Southern Calif.!

  5. Sorry to leave this post here. I just wanted to make sure you got my email.

    Roxi :)

  6. Mya, I am sorry that my emails are not getting to you! I will try sending again today. Lovely post by the way :)

  7. Great post.I scratched my head a bit on that outfit myself.


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