Thursday, May 8, 2008

Romanticizing Spring

Spring is upon us, you can feel it in the air. There is something so inspiring about spring. Is it the rebirth and anew of the earth or the fresh clean smell of the air or is it the beautiful bursts of color around us? I don't know, but I love it.
The cherub image above is decoupaged on an antique cupboard of mine. It has a beautiful romantic look about it, so Victorian or maybe shabby chic.
I placed the flowers for censorship and to keep this post rated G :)

This is baby girl's first time sitting in the grass. It looks like she is trying to say something. Perhaps "oooh this feels funny" what ever it was I do think she liked the grass. She is enjoying her first spring. Last year at this time she was no bigger than a peanut. Isn't that amazing? Look at her now!

It's spring and that means tutu time. Baby girl has been waiting all winter to wear her beautiful pink tutu. Well, at least someone has been waiting for the opportunity for her to wear it.

When I think of spring I think of Pink.
I know I always think of Pink but the spring inspires my to create in sweet yummy Pink colors.
This tussy mussy is one of my fav creations. It is so girlie.

I had to leave you with this beautiful image of a fawn in the forest. What could be more spring than that? I bet his mommy sure loves him. Speaking of moms, Happy Mother's Day to all of you. Check back Sunday, when Sugar Sugar will be hosting Show and Tell Sunday, it is dedicated to mom.

I am off with my family for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. She is so CUTE!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I want a baby girl :) Just darling!

    I WANT that tussie!! I love those kinds of dolls! Would you consider holding it for me until the 15th??


  2. Thank you so much Mya! You are so sweet to do this for me :)


  3. What a sweetie! I remember my E's first time in the grass... he hated it! Happy Spring to you!

  4. What a beautiful baby girl!!
    I have sons and I always wanted a little girl that I could put tutu's on and all the girly things.
    but I have resigned myself to the fact that its just as well, because though I would want to put her in girlie pink things with 2 brothers she would end up being a tom boy!!!!!

  5. Hi Mya. You're little girl is so adorable! I have always had guys at my house (even the dog is a boy). Take care and see you on Show & Tell Sunday! Di (Mamma B's Attic)

  6. Don't you love the look babies get the first time they feel the grass?!! My youngest was so funny about stuff like that. He HATED sand. LOL! What kid hates sand?? Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings... Polly

  7. Sweet baby girl! My baby Lily does the same put her in the grass and she squeezes up those toes and crinkles her outh!
    So Sweet!


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