Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Spruce Up

The colors of spring are here and it's time for a little sprucing up around the house and yard. I love this time of year. Everything seems so young and fresh. It makes you just want to renew everything. Pink Hydrangea are one of my favorite spring flowers. I put this one in a turquoise pot and displayed it on my dining room table.
It is still a little early in Michigan for flowers but the statuary can come out and play. Many of my garden statues have taken a beating over the last few winters (thawing and freezing) even in the shed, and will have to be replaced.

I did add a few Pansy flowers and wonderful green moss around the front of the house. Just a little touch of color here and there. I so love moss. I love everything about it. The color, the soft velvety texture and the quiet it adds to the forest.

This basket of pots needed something. So I added a spring dream catcher to it. I hope it will capture a little spring magic.

I couldn't forget my little feathered friends. This little birdie cottage is a Country French style home.. The birds here in Michigan are very savvy and have a wonderful chic style to their decorating, despite the economy.
Well, I just wanted to add a little color to your day. I can't wait until the weather here in Michigan is a little more stable and allows us to plant more flowers and add a real splash of color to the yard.

Happy Spring :)

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  1. Happy Spring to you! Love pink and aqua!!! Gorgeous photos. So glad I stopped by for a big dose of Spring.


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