Friday, June 27, 2008

Mad Tea Party and Pink Saturday

Welcome to my Mad Tea Party. Our hostess for today is the lovely and talented Miss Vanessa from AFancifulTwist .
Take the link to A Fanciful Twist and visit the fabulous Tea parties from all over blogland.
Congrats Vanessa on your 200th post! Thank you for hosting

In honor of Pink Saturday I have made everything Pink. Well almost eveything. To visit other Pink Saturday posts go see Beverly from HowSweetTheSound.
Thank you beverly

I have a little cafe' table all set for you with yummy pinks and greens. We will have Delicious cakes and sweet tea.

The Mad Hatter will be joining us today and she is mad about you, simply mad. Come on in and join us because things are getting curiouser and curiouser.

I hope you brought your party hat.
Or perhaps you can borrow this one.
It is available because
the mad Hatter is sporting a new hat.

Here is the key to a secret garden that is filled with wonderful tea and treats. I have set a place at a table in the garden just for you.

Step through the magic door and you will find the enchanted garden. Hurry and Take a seat there are a few special guests that are waiting there for you.

Here is our colorful table in the enchanted garden.
The pink chair is just for you.
Pass the tea, please.

Alice will be joining us. I have crowned her as the tea party princess. Looks like Alice and the Queen of Hearts have been shopping at StudioPink again. Poor Alice is still looking for the white rabbit.

Be very careful because her Imperial Highness, the Queen of Hearts, has just arrived. You know when she is around sometimes heads will roll. She is feeling quite magestic in her crown from StudioPink
Of course this queen of hearts is far too sweet for that.

I think we found the white rabbit at his very own special table.
It looks like either Twiddle Dee or Tweedle Dum has joined him. Be cautious of the magic mushrooms.

Here is Alice telling her friends that if she had a world of her own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be as it is because everything would be what it wasn't.

I wouldn't! You remember what happened to Alice

Here are some special cups for you to choose from.
You can never have enough china,
you know .

Perhaps you would prefer this one?

Be sure to get a yummy pink cupcake before you leave. Chocolate, chocolate, with pink frosting and happy stars.

The Mad Hatter would like to wish a very Merry Unbirthday to you.

Thank you all for sharing this Alice in Wonderland kind of day with me.



  1. What a fabulous post Mya!! I LOVE your little table set up! So pretty! And of course your granddaughter is the belle of the ball as always! Such a doll :)


  2. How amazing and magical! I found you listed on Jeannene's blog . . . I love your table, the china, the wonderful "tea party" and the vintage Alice images, and most of all, what a gorgeous baby! "Alice" is beautiful, too! Thank you for a lovely, lovely visit! Lots of smiles, Jann

  3. What a lovely party
    And beautiful baby…OH MY!!!


  4. Mya, What a wonderful and creative post! Just loved it! And I just love the precious little mad hatter/queen of hearts! She is a beauty! Hugs, Rhonda

  5. Hello Mya, This post of yours today is just wonderful!...Your baby is so cute!!!awesome!
    And your "Pink Saturday" picture is so charming! So, so pretty! Have a lovely weekend,...Marina XO I hope you in my post too!

  6. Mya, this was lovely. Your little Queen of Hearts is a beauty.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. what a WONDERFUL tea party!

    you went all out
    and not i have eaten
    too many pinkcuppycakes.


    is there such a thing
    as too many?

  8. How adorable!!! A wonderful post!! I felt the enchantemnt!!!

  9. 28, 2008 at 1:53 PM

    I've enjoyed my visit. Everything was beautiful including your little sweet one.

  10. Mya, what a lovely party! I Took a quick peek into your Etsy shop while I was here - I loved (hearted you).

    I've got some blueberry muffins at my place if you get tired of your yummy cupcakes. Stop in - I love company!


  11. Wonderful post. Everything is so lovely especially sweet baby in her crowns and hats. Save a cupcake for me.


  12. Oh Mya, what a lovely time I had strolling through your wonderland! And that queen--she is just pretty as can be!

  13. What a beautiful pink party! Love the precious headdresses and fabulous china cups! I'm having a party banner giveaway on my blog; be sure to stop by! :)

  14. I coo'd my way through your blog. The floral crowned cherub is so yummy...I just want to kiss those little cheeks. Love the tables too. Please save some sweets for me.

    At my tea party I have party hats, and baubles, and moondancing. I hope to see you soon!

  15. Lovely party Mya! Such precious guests you have here! :-)

  16. LOVE your pictures, Mya!! What a treat to spend a lovely party today with you!!! And of course, love the pink! xoxox!

  17. Oh My Gooooodnesssss! Incredible beautiful post!!!!!! And that baby!! And Alice ;) Oh and the edibles, and the secret doooooor!! Oh all of it!! Thank you for hosting such an AMAzing party on your blog!!! LOVE IT!!! HAPPY HAPPY!!

  18. What a gorgeous party! I didn't want to leave, but there are more parties to attend. Yours was a treat! Thanks for letting me stop by! Twyla

  19. What a sweet, sweet post!!!
    Everything looks so wonderful...especially that little one! :-)
    Happy Tea Party Day!

  20. Oooh what a magical party!! Everyone's hats are exquisite and much fun at this party...all thanks to the lovely Vanessa!!

  21. Love that BEAUTIFUL baby!!!
    and the hats...oh my!!!
    LOL ;-)

  22. Wonderful, Thank you...
    Happy Mad TEA Party!!
    Nice to meet You!

    I’m tryin’ to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
    LOL ;-D
    Cheers, Sue `*>~[

  23. that baby is adorable! (visiting from fanciful twist)

  24. NIce to meet you and So sorry I'm late but beautiful party, come by and have tea when you can!

  25. Skeleton keys are my favorite! the music on your blog is so nice and I am so happy to see such a pretty little baby in attendance!

  26. I had no idea that the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts were so charming! So glad to meet you and thank you for the fabulous confections.

  27. The belle of the ball! Thanks for the key!

  28. Your post is SWEET! The hat girls and the food! Thanks for coming by my place,too.
    Now just one more pink cupcake.....

  29. Be still my tea-filled heart! The little Queen deserves the cown, for sure!!

  30. Oh Mya, I just loved reading your "post" or should I say charming little story!...and the photos...wonderful!!!...This post has been one of my very favorites of the day!...Heidi XO

  31. I have to congratulate you of having the sweetest mad hatter ever as a guest! Have a nice party! Thanks for having me over and thanks for visiting mine!

  32. amazingly pretty settings, and an adorable baby...what more could a great party need? :)

  33. You table is set so prettily and your post is perfectly lovely!! But the sweet bebe' is melting my heart!!! She is the perfect Hatter and Queen!!!

  34. Hi Mya! It's been so nice to meet and discover you and your great blog. I had a ton of fun at the tea party and thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!

    All Roads Lead To Pecetto

  35. Thanks for letting me into the garden for a fun party! Do you the the Mad Hatter will mind if I pinch her cheeks just a little?

  36. What a wonderful time! Your photos and table setting was just lovely :) So glad that we have met. I love your little "drink me" tea cup with its gorgeous pink infusion.

    Creative blessings,

  37. Such a delightful treat! ... sorry to arrive so late … we dropped from exhaustion last night, so thought we’d continue the rounds today and offer to help with the clean up duties. feel free to put us to work.

    it was nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon! ~M~

  38. So pretty. love everything including the little queen of hearts. The china choices are awesome, the table is set just perfectly. I didn't partake in the mushrooms=thank you for the warning. I'm off to see others now....

  39. Wonderful post and what a gorgeous baby! Rachael

  40. Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful tea party with me! And for the photos of the sweet little adorable! What sweethearts! What fun this was!

  41. Hello, your table setting is beautiful and so is your granddaughter! Tea party is adorable!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  42. win for the most adorable guest..the mad hatter, the belle of the ball! Thanks for sharing your loves tea cups and treats:)

  43. What a lovely party! Please come by and visit.

    Irma :)

  44. love all the table settings just beautiful!
    and that little angel of yours with all those hats/crowns are the best!!

  45. The tea party looks fabulous!!!

  46. Love Love Loved my "Mad Tea Party" with you. So lovely and full of dreamy dreams only from Alison Wonderland, she could only dream such a magical party. You really make it most enjoyable Mya.

    Thank you for leaving a comment for my friend Beth, it truly meant a lot.


  47. Great photos Mya! Your granddaughter is always the belle of the ball.

    Love the pink chair and the goodies!

    Wonderful post

  48. Oh how can I be so late visiting your magical tea party. I think maybe I ate the wrong cookie at my last stop. Your post is so beautiful!

  49. Your story was so wonderful to read!!


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