Friday, June 20, 2008

Garden Party and Pink Saturday

Welcome to my Garden Party and
Pink Saturday.
Our wonderful hostess for the party in the garden is Cielo
from The House in Roses.
Visit her beautiful blog to link up with all of the gorgeous gardens.
To check out the blogs in the pink today go see the beautiful Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

This was my beautiful rose before the little woodland animals helped themselves to the delicious little treats of my garden. I took this shot right after a rain storm. My roses were gorgeous and their fragrance was spicy sweet.

I hope you will take a moment to smell the flowers as you wander through the beautiful gardens today. Love this little gnome. I found he and his brother years ago in a little antique store. Don't you just love his chippy paint.

Here is another shot of my beautiful roses before the feast. The whole bush was massacred just a few hours after this shot.

For Pink Saturday I would like to use the beautiful new wallpaper that Karen from Cider Antiques helped me with. Click on her name and it will take you to a her "Colours for You" sight.
She is such a sweet heart.
Thank you so much Karen.
I love it!

This is my beautiful urn just spilling over with color. The cherub was part of a fountain at one time but now he is the crown of my garden. In the fall his bowl holds bird seed for my feathered friends.

Just a little close up of the pale pink blooms cascading down the urn. I love the faded look of the petals. In the sunlight they are almost transparent.

A few yummys on the vine. Still green but soon they will be red and juicy sweet. Yum! I just have to make sure that I get them before the deer or coons. I swear they just wait outside the fence for flowers to bloom and fruit to ripen. Then a nightly feast takes place and by morning we are cleaned out.

This is a semi dry river bed. I say semi because during heavy rains or a spring thaw it sometimes flows just like a permanent stream. We needed to come up with something because at times the water would wash out the lawn. Most of the year it remains dry. We tried to keep it as natural looking as possible to fit in with all of the nature around us. Woods to the east, meadow and pond to the north.

One of my miniature rose bushes just starting to bud out.
Nature really does put the art in living doesn't it? Pink roses and peonies and white lilies are my fav flowers. Pink flowers are sweet and white flowers are just elegant.

Clementas are such a wonderful vine and this purple is just gorgeous. I love the ruffly edges and vanilla center.

A side view of this beautiful vine in the morning light. The buds are so fuzzy and soft. Then they open into the beautiful flower above.

My little angel bird bath. This gorgeous angel sits on the edge of a giant clam shell. Love her innocence.

As you can tell I love garden statues. This angels peeks out from behind the tall grasses.

These day lilies are so bright and happy. The only lilies in the garden that the deer don't eat.

Everybody needs a pair of colorful garden shoes. Not the right size but I had to buy them. They were just too cute! I keep them on my porch. They bring a smile to my face when ever I pass by.

Well here is the little darling that ate my roses. I was calling it Deer Boy. I was sure it was a boy by the way it had no appreciation for the beauty of my garden. But I saw her today with the tiniest babe following close behind. I guess I can forgive her maybe it was a pregnant craving.
I now call her Rose. I guess the fawn should be Rosebud.

Thank you for spending time in my garden.

Come back anytime.



  1. Mya,
    Everything is so pretty. Love your photos and all the details. And...I like your shoes better than mine!

  2. Hi Mya! what nice! so cute post! excelent photos! I hope you in my blog soon!

  3. Mya, I love your pinks and your gardens. Everything is just beautiful.

    Thanks for participating again in Pink Saturday. I hope I'll see you again next Pink Saturday.

  4. You have a lovely garden. The flower photos right after the rain are really very pretty!

    Oh, those garden shoes are a delight! I can certainly see my granddaughter loving something like that!

    Happy Pink Saturday.

    take care,

  5. Hi Mya, Such amazingly pretty flowers!!!...Just wonderful for us all to enjoy!...Heidi :)

  6. Mya~
    Your garden is very pretty, you take great photos! I love the rain kissed roses!

    Have a great day!

  7. Love the close ups of the flowers! Very artfully done! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

  8. I love all the cherubs, and the roses. Simply stunning, thanks for the tour. RoseMarie

  9. Love the post, and how it combines both the garden and the pink!!! :) xo!

  10. Oh Mya, your garden is beautiful! Those roses are magnificent, so perfect! Those shoes are just too cute! And i know they are pests but I just love deer and all woodland animals :) They are so pretty!


  11. I am so happy to have been a part of your lovely tour today! I thank you, and Cielo, for giving us a chance to show off our gardens!

  12. Stunning! The last collage is amazing! ~RHonda

  13. Mya, this is my first visit to your blog but will not be the last! Your garden is fabulous, and I could hardly believe the shot of the deer! Amazing... Thanks for inviting us into your garden and sharing the loveliness.


  14. Joy @ The Vintage RabbitJune 22, 2008 at 12:10 AM

    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures of your garden!! I also LOVE your new blog wallpaper!! It is sooo me !! We have alot of the same taste's!
    Smiles, Joy~

  15. Hi Mya, what beautiful pictures of your garden! Just loved them! Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ann

  16. Hi Mya,

    I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Your flowers are just so lovely. I will definitely be back.

    Have a blessed weekend,

  17. Mya, I absolutely love those shoes. OMG!!! To darn cute, I would have had to get them too! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.


  18. I had a great time in your beautiful garden and with great music!
    Greetings from Poland!

  19. Oh Mya,
    It looks like spring and summer have finally shown up in Michigan. All your plants are beautiful! Tell Rosebud all of her relatives are alive and well in northern Michigan and think my garden is a buffet, Have a great week.

  20. I'm in paradise! Thank you for participating in our party and for sharing your cozy and beautiful sanctuary with all of us.... What a delightful occasion that was!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so (Joseph Joubert)


  21. Hi Mya, Stunning garden! I too have a deer that comes by to visit (pics on my blog). If you happen to have a doggy friend that will lend some fluff (doggy hair from a brush) you can put it near your favorite flowers. It scares the deer away! The deer smell the scent of a predator and leave :)

    Love those sweet garden shoes!!!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  22. Hi Mya
    Your garden is a paradise!!!
    I like your roses and clematis.
    Have a nice rest week!!

  23. Hi, Mya! I was so glad you stopped by at my new blog. It's really nice meeting you all. Your garden is so lovely and I enjoyed the tour so much. Thanks for sharing. I'll visit often.


  24. My 3 year-old granddaughter has those exact same gardening shoes! Aren't they just the cutest?


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